Dirtbags and Thieves, America’s New Heroes?

Yesterday I was flipping around on Facebook and I came across a story that my old department posted about a scumbag who tried to steal a bunch of baby formula from Wally World. The part that got my attention was all of the pathetic people who jumped on there and started defending this piece of shit. They kept throwing out that “he had starving children at home and was just trying to be a good father. He should be treated like a hero instead of like a criminal”. The incredible level of stupidity displayed by these “hug-a-thug” millennials continues to baffle the mind. These dumb asses don’t have a clue who this guy is, so they make up this image of a poor little “victim” being maligned by society.

I have investigated hundreds of these thieving, low-life, scumbags for more than 20 years and exactly ZERO of them had starving children at home. What they did have at home was a meth pipe that needed to be filled, or a bag of rolling papers that needed to be loaded, or a catalog with some new 24 inch rims they wanted on their ride.

What is happening is this…..the dirtbag steals the baby formula, or Gillette razors, or Tide laundry detergent, or Frontline flea medicine and they sell it to a fence for nickles on the dollar. The fence then sells the stolen goods on their ebay site, or Amazon and earn a nice little profit for doing nothing but shipping out the stuff. These people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year doing this exact thing. Just before I retired, we busted a group of these thieves and seized over $140,000 from them as well as diamond rings, Rolex watches, expensive guns, and tens of thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise.

These bleeding heart, scumbag-loving idiots better wake up and realize who, and what, they are supporting and defending. It’s really funny though……as soon as those same idiots have their property stolen, they seem to change their tunes real fast and want these same scumbags sentenced to life in prison for stealing a Chia Pet out of their garage!