More Proof That This Country Is Losing Its Damned Mind.

The Supreme Court, our highest court and most esteemed group of judicial minds, agreed Monday to hear a case to decide whether life-without-parole sentences for Lee Boyd Malvo, the primary gunman in a series of murders that terrorized the Washington region in 2002, must be reconsidered.

Y’all remember this piece of shit, “The Beltway Sniper”. The justices will hear the state of Virginia’s appeal of a federal appeals court ruling that Lee Boyd Malvo should be resentenced because he was a teenager at the time he hid like a coward in the trunk of a modified car and slaughtered innocent people. Did you catch that? A Federal Appeals court ruled that keeping this murderer in jail for the rest of his life is too harsh because the bastard was 17 when he decided to mercilessly execute 10 people who were just trying to live their life. TEN INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO HAD WIVES, HUSBANDS, AND CHILDREN WAITING ON THEM AT HOME WHEN THEY WERE MURDERED BY THIS SCUM, and keeping him in jail for the rest of his life is too harsh!?!?! What the hell is happening to this country?

The gutless coward, Malvo, was 17 during the shooting spree that killed 10 people in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. The planner of the murders, John Allen Muhammad, was executed in 2009 for his role. Malvo received four sentences of life without parole in Virginia and six sentences in Maryland.

Ladies and Gentlemen just think about this for just a minute, I mean really think about it. Somewhere in this country, a group of Appeals Court Judges; highly educated adult men and women, sat down together, reviewed the facts of the TEN cases against this murderer, and decided “well he killed 10 people there is no disputing that, but did he do it because he really is a bad guy, or did he just make a mistake because he was so young? Because if he was just a darn silly kid acting out because his Mommy didn’t hug him enough when he was a baby then we can’t really be that gosh-darn hard on him”.

Think I’m making this up? Here is the statement from the article:

A panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit vacated Malvo’s sentences last June and asked the trial court to decide whether his “crimes reflect permanent incorrigibility” or “reflect the transient immaturity of youth.”

When is enough going to be enough? How long are the American people going to sit back and allow these holier-than-thou, completely out-of-touch with reality morons continue to strip away the rights of crime victims and their families? How long are the American people going to let these morons continue to empower criminals?

America is the best country in the world because we live a life where we are free to live however we want to live. Because we live free and we don’t have to hide from ruthless dictators and armed groups of bandits, right? Look around you. Every house has an alarm system, or cameras, or bars on the windows and doors. Communities are gated now, some with armed guards manning the gates. You cannot drive a single mile in 96% of this country now without being recorded in some form or fashion. Why is this so? Because of the skyrocketing crime! Because the damn criminals have more rights than the victims do, and we continue to give them more and more each day. We continue to lessen the severity of punishment simply because we are afraid that the criminal may be mistreated in some manner. We must make sure that no criminal in this country, no murderer, no rapist, no child molester, no wife beater is ever treated in a rude manner.

Well I have just one question for you. How did the criminal treat his victim while he was slashing their throat with a razor blade?