The greatest, most accurate description of a Police Officer ever spoken.

Becoming a Cop is a decision that should never be taken lightly. Reality is much different than perception. Young recruits only see the 15 minute pursuits, not the 7 hours of paperwork when you get off in 2. They only see the take down of a resisting suspect, not the pain from the injuries you receive when the suspect slams you against the ground. They only see the spotless badge and uniform, shiny and starched, not the ripped shirt covered in blood, both yours and the suspects. They only see the bad guy going to jail, not the judge who happens to be his neighbor letting him out before the paperwork is even finished. They only see the Officers covering each other’s backs and working together, not the backstabbing and untrue gossip and rumors which pervade every department. They only see the Police Chief patting his Officers on the back during the annual awards ceremony, not the lowlife who sides with the dirty cop because they play poker together. They only see a cop called a hero because he shot an out of control felon before he could kill anybody, not the 3 years of lawsuits he and his family will have to endure, even though the shooting is deemed justified by the court. What they see is the Officer as the ultimate authority figure, not the fact that no matter what decision they make, it will be wrong in someone’s eyes.

Becoming a cop is a decision that should never be taken lightly, but if you are born for it, there’s no greater calling in the world.

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