Another Privileged Criminal Walks Free

Jussie Smollett will not be prosecuted for allegedly falsely reporting a hate crime
The actor made an emergency court appearance in Chicago as his representative, Anne Kavanagh, said it involved a big development in the investigation. She did not offer further details and a judge granted a motion to seal the case, per CBS Chicago.

“A judge granted a motion to seal the case ” That one line is all you need to tell you exactly what happened. It has happened many times before, and will continue to happen until the wealthy are held to the same judicial standards as everyone else. Michelle Obama, along with many other powerful players, demanded that the charges be dropped when he was first arrested. Here we are a few weeks later, and suddenly he walks away free and the world will never know why because a judge ordered the case sealed. WHY?

For what reason would this case need to be sealed other than to hide something? Remember, A GRAND JURY INDICTED THIS PIECE OF SHIT! And the charges are simply dropped?!? Ladies and Gentlemen, that simply does not happen. If you are indicted by a Grand Jury, then 99.999999% of the time you are going to court! The fact of the matter is the Prosecutor’s Office and the judge cut an under-the-table deal with this bastard and his scum lawyers. “To hell with justice, I need to keep myself in good graces with the wealthy, powerful people.” That should be posted in bright, neon LED’s outside the courthouse.

This is what a criminal looks like when he gets away with his crime.

The Chief of Police and the Mayor of Chicago are calling it what it is! Now I am not a fan of Rahm Emanuel, but he is standing up today for the Chicago Police Department and even he is saying that this is “Not on the level”.

Watch this video.

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