Left Lane Drivers

There are a lot of people that we could do without in this world, terrorists, thieves, and police chiefs just to name a few, however, there is one person that should be immediately removed from society without hesitation and that is the lowlife scum that hold up traffic in the left lane.

It is my opinion that we should be allowed to shoot the tires out of any vehicle found driving slow in the fast lane. It should be perfectly legal to ram a car off the road from the left lane if they are driving too slow.

I believe that if you are stopped by the cops for driving too slow in the left lane, it should be an automatic life in prison without parole sentence. These horrible people should not be allowed to walk around free among those of us who have common sense.

There should be a “purge” rule, you know, like the movie where people are allowed to commit any crime for 24 hours. We should automatically be allowed to take out this scourge of society in any manner necessary!

Until we get some laws such as these passed, my new tactic (when the wife and kids aren’t with me) is to get in front of these people, and then slow down as slow as it takes to make them move over, and then speed off. It makes me feel better.

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