They Give Idiots Badges Sometimes.

There is a story going around Facebook about a Richmond County, Georgia Sheriff Deputy who gave a woman a ticket for Disorderly Conduct because her 3 year old little boy was tee-tee’ing in the parking lot of a gas station.
See the story here.

Anyone who has children knows that sometimes mom and dad just don’t get a lot of warning when their babies have to go potty. It’s not bad parenting, it’s not the child doing it on purpose, it just happens. The little boy started telling his mom that he was about to go and he couldn’t hold it. She tried to get to a bathroom but the little one couldn’t hold it so she let him tinkle in the parking lot. Oh, and did I mention that the mom was 8 months pregnant?!? Yeah, a real crime of the century!

So here we have an adult, grown-ass man who has been trained for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of hours in how to do his job and nowhere during all of that training did he learn that sometimes common sense should prevail over the letter of the law.

Now I’m sure there is probably a little more to the story. Maybe she got mouthy with the Deputy, or had a bad attitude, but here’s the thing…..It should have never got to that point! Deputy Fife should never have inserted himself into that situation. He is 3 years old Deputy!

And now we have ANOTHER message being sent out to the American public that ALL cops are ignorant, cold-hearted, non-empathy-having assholes thanks to this one Deputy’s poor decision. Thanks a lot dumb-ass.

Through the years my little ones have whizzed all over the place. In the back of my pickup truck while waiting in line for gas, on the side of the road, at an Ozzy Osbourne concert….just kidding, (I took her to the port-o-potty). My point is that sometimes they just have to go, and they have to go RIGHT NOW!

It’s a shame that this Deputy was never a child and never, ever pee’d outside. I’m sure he has only whipped out his tally-whacker inside a bathroom, inside a house, with the door closed and locked. It’s terrible to know that he has never experienced the freedom of letting it fly outside, with the sunshine and a nice warm breeze gently blowing his stream to the side as he tried to blast away an ant or a grasshopper.

I am absolutely positive that there are some fine Law Enforcement Officers in Richmond County, Georgia, and if I know cops like I think I do…..Deputy Fife is catching pure hell right about now.

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One comment

  1. I am sure his colleagues are giving him pure hell. Hopefully the charges against the mom will be dropped. But to think that a mom 8 months pregnant would give anyone a hard time………..


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