Things I’ve Learned From My 6 Year-Old.

I am the proud father of two beautiful young ladies. Surviving those two has been nothing short of a miracle for me. My oldest is 26 years old and my youngest is 6. Yes, the good Lord has a sense of humor. The baby is a boy, and I mean he is ALL BOY! How that little shit fits so much personality into that tiny body is beyond me. He is the funniest person I’ve ever met.
Even though he is only 6 years old, he is full of knowledge. Knowledge which he insists on passing on to anyone who will listen, and to those who won’t listen also. So, for those of you who don’t have access to your own 6-year-old, I am happy to share some “6 year-old-little-man knowledge”.

A few things I’ve learned from my 6-year-old this month:

  • A “Lambo” can drive all the way around the world without stopping even one time.
  • All Ferraris are painted red.
  • If your back (bicycle) wheel gets in the mud then you can still get out, but if your front wheel gets in the mud then you gotta crash.
  • All daddies have to have a truck to haul stuff for mommies, It’s a rule.
  • The best way to wake up your sister is to open the door and yell “CHIGGARS!!!!!!!!!!”
  • Apparently, if you mix Yoo-Hoo and Gatorade you get the stuff that allows Spiderman make his webs.
  • “Beaver Nuggets” are really Buc-ee Beaver’s poop. They really are!
  • Riding a bicycle and riding a scooter are different cause ya gotta work to ride a bicycle.
  • If you bury a Hot Wheels car in the dirt, a real car won’t grow, but if you bury Sissy’s phone charger, her anger will!
    And finally……
  • Mommy’s hair straightener thing is not very good for making the dogs hair curly.
The Tooterman Ninja Warrior

Please leave comments below! I need to hear what you guys think of my stuff!

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