The Horrible “W” Place

Well I had to do it yesterday……I had to go to that place. You know the place, the “W” place. The place where people no longer wear clothes when they go there. The place where people who are wearing clothes, are not wearing enough clothes. The place we all despise going, but where we all MUST go. Walmart.

The world of Walmart is a fascinating and terrifying place. You will see things in Walmart that you will never see anywhere else on planet earth. Things like 300 lb women with green and black hair wearing a bikini and jumping rope in the toy section.

Things like a meth-head sitting in the floor of the Health & Beauty section clipping her toenails……with clippers she hasn’t paid for…….and then watching as she is picking up the clippings so she can grind them up and add them to her next hit of meth.

Or things like the Wide-Load going down the isle. I swear she must have shoved 2 40 lb bags of Sam’s Choice dog food down her pants!

Then you have the NASCAR fans that can’t quite master the scooters at such high speed……

Oh and then there is the butt-miner. I don’t know what the hell he was digging for, but if a geyser comes blasting out of there, I’ll burn my eyeballs out! But I do dig the shorts!

And then there is the one that I will never un-see. The woman with 2 boobs in the front and 2 boobs in the back!!! Although I bet she’s fun to dance with.

Lord help that poor Tattoo man.

All this suffering for a damn can of Lysol and a bag of chips.

Comments are always welcome!! (Pics are not mine thank God)


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