Criminals, Dallas County Is Up For Grabs !

Welcome to 2019, the year the fine folks of Dallas County decided to give the criminals free range!
The new District Attorney of Dallas County has now decided that it is perfectly okay to steal….there are only two rules;
1. The stuff you steal cannot be valued at more than $750, and
2. You have to really NEED the things you steal.

He also decided that a bunch of the other laws have been too hard on the fine, hardworking thieves and dope-heads of Dallas County.
IF I’M LYING, I’M DYING PEOPLE! And here is the proof…………..

John “Hug-A-Thug” Creuzot

As nearly every other country in the world is getting tougher and tougher on criminals, the United States of America has laid out the red carpet for the scum of society.

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  1. This EFFIN LIBEAL RETARD!!! Heard on the radio this morning in Dallas County this piece of shit will not prosecute theft of anything under $750.00. All you have to do is prove you weren’t steeling it for resale. This is absolute madness!! Let me advise all would be helpless souls that would steal my property just because they can’t afford it themselves. Chapter 9 of The Texas Penal Code section 9.42 (3) (A)
    Good Citizens Arm train and arm yourself the worst is yet to come!!


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