Summertime Crime and Safety

Summertime is fast approaching, along with the increase in crime that always happens during this time of year. So, I thought I would give you some tips to help reduce your chances of being a victim of crime, or having any other bad things happen to you and your family.

Number 1 is to have plenty of lighting around your home. Criminals do not like light, they are cowards, they like to sneak around in the dark. Also, if you don’t have security cameras around your home, you might check into buying some. They are pretty inexpensive now and the quality of the recordings have improved ten-fold just in the last few years.

Number 2 is to keep shrubs and bushes trimmed back around your home. As I said before, they are cowards and they use your landscaping to hide while they try and break into your home.


Number 3, and this is probably the easiest thing to do, but it’s the reason most people become victims of crime…. Lock your doors! Cowards (that’s what we will call them) simply walk around a neighborhood pulling on doors and when they find one that is unlocked it is an invitation to them to just go through your personal belongings and steal whatever they want. Why take a risk of breaking into a car when you can simply go to the next one and it will be unlocked? Remember to LOCK, TAKE, & HIDE!

Number 4. Make sure little Timmy and little Sally put their bicycles back in the garage, or in the backyard, when they are finished riding them. It will blow your mind how many grown men will steal a child’s bicycle.

Number 5. Be aware of your surroundings. Especially you ladies that go jogging or walking alone with your headphones on. Always try and walk or jog with a partner if possible. Only walk in a well-lighted, and populated area.

And finally, this is a safety reminder for those with swimming pools. MAKE SURE YOUR POOL IS SURROUNDED BY A CHILD-PROOF FENCE! During my career as a cop I responded to 2 drownings where a child had climbed or fell into a pool. Neither pool had a fence around it. If you have an above-ground pool that requires a ladder to climb into, remove the ladder when nobody is using the pool. Small kids can climb up and fall into the water and you would never know it.

Remove those ladders when not in use.

You can find more safety tips for surviving the Texas summer here.

If you have any questions about how not to become a victim of crime, you can email me at and I will be happy to address your specific issue.

Now……….Ladies, break out those bikinis!!


  1. Good advice to be proactive! Reminds us to do what we can to protect ourselves from lazy scum. I hate thieves. They need to “drag their ass to a job every day” like the rest of us do and EARN what they need or want. Ugh!


  2. Awesome! Thank ya C-Black.
    Something else I do {night or day} is load my trunk with my back towards trunk..I will NEVER be caught by surprise! It also lowers your risk of bein’ “picked.” I stare eye-ball to eye-ball to every Male AND Female that passes buy as I load. In my mind that says, “Yeah, I’m ready ta rumble! I SEE ya! Want some of this LONG DISTANCE Hornet Spray in yer face/mouth as well that I keep right here in my trunk?” That stuff can KILL snakes, rats & mice as well so I feel it is more powerful and safer to use than mace! This Texas Girl ain’t ever gonna be at the bottom of a pit “puttin’ lotion in the basket!”


  3. ****Sent to me by Tonja J.*****
    This is something that struck me when my husband forgot to lock his pickup in driveway ONE TIME. Apparently some punks got into it that night. There was change on the console which they didn’t take. But he noticed his work briefcase and garage remote was missing. He found the briefcase just outside the fence in the alley. The remote was 2 doors down.

    The remote was worrisome. If someone gets hold of that, they can open your garage door, which leads to the house. Now his truck is in garage and our oldest car is in driveway. I now keep that remote in the house. They need to start putting those on key fobs so people don’t leave them in their cars.


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