Amber Guyger/Botham Jean

I received the following question from Erica in Sunnyvale:
Dear Ask A Cop,
I would like to hear your opinion on the Amber Guyger-Botham Jean ordeal.
EM in Sunnyvale

Here are my thoughts.

Years ago when I was working the streets, I would routinely put in very long days. Our shifts were 12 hour shifts, however, 14-17 hour shifts were not uncommon. One morning my wife came out to find me asleep in my car, with the car still running. Thank goodness I had managed to put it in “Park” before I passed out from complete exhaustion. I did not even remember driving home that morning.

Amber Guyger and Botham Jean

On the day of this tragic event, Amber Guyger had worked a 14 hour shift. She was exhausted. When she drove home she inadvertently parked on the wrong level of the parking garage, went inside the apartment building and going on instinct, walked to what she thought was her apartment. When she stepped inside it was dark and she saw a man coming at her. She shot and killed him. It is an absolute tragedy. A tragedy that should never have happened. But it was an accident!
Amber Guyger did not intentionally go to Mr. Jean’s apartment with the purpose of killing him. They didn’t even know each other. I will say it again……… was a tragic accident.
Now, with all of that being said. Do I think she should have been charged with his murder……absolutely. She took the man’s life. Do I think she deserves to be tried, judged, and convicted in the media…..No, I do not.
Do I think that she deserves to be turned into the blood-thirsty, evil murderer that the Dallas media, and those at the Dallas District Attorney’s Office have made her out to be……Hell No I Don’t! It is not right!

Dallas DA holding a Press Conference. Why is Mr. Jean’s family up there with her?
Again the Dallas DA holding another Press Conference. Again, Mr. Jean’s family is with her. Is this appropriate? I don’t know.
Protest at Dallas Police Department
What do the raised fists mean? You decide.
“Activist” Micah Johnson. Again a raised fist.

Would this case have blown sky high like it did if Mr. Jean had been a Caucasian man? Absolutely not. Would it have blown sky high if Amber Guyger had been a Black woman? Absolutely not. There are a few groups of hate-mongers in Dallas who try and pass themselves off as “Activists” and they jumped at the chance to publicly convict a white cop that killed a black man.

Protest in Dallas
Protesters interrupting a City Council Meeting

Nobody can argue that this was a horrible thing to happen. Mr. Jean did not deserve this to happen to him. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, that’s just life. His family will never stop hurting. They did not deserve this either. Nothing that is done can bring Mr. Jean back to his family, and justice will be served for him. But justice takes time. The process has to play out in the courts, not in the streets!

Amber Guyger lost her career, her freedom, her life basically and will be going to prison for a long time. Isn’t that enough punishment? Apparently not for Dallas, Texas.


  1. Very well stated. I agree with everything you had to say about this horrible accident. Everyone loses. There are no winners. It seems to me that the outrage stems from people believing that this was in some way racially motivated. I do not see any evidence of that.

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  2. Thank you for posting this. I’m so invested in this case & I’ve been following it since it happened. Such a terrible ACCIDENT and there are so many questions as to why. We live in an “instant gratification” world and I wish more people would realize that it takes time to get those answers. I know firsthand that justice is a lengthy process in order for it to be properly served.

    Also, it really just baffles me how much the liberal media can get away with and how much influence they can have on some people’s opinions. I’m not even going to go into that… it just chaps my hide and pisses me off even more that people are so closed minded.

    Thanks again!

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  3. AGREE 1,000% AAC!! Especially with your last statement- “Amber Guyger lost her career, her freedom, her life basically and will be going to prison for a long time. Isn’t that enough punishment? Apparently not for Dallas, Texas.” It absolutely breaks my heart for both losses. I will ALWAYS believe in my mind/heart that this was a horrific MISTAKE.. A tragic ACCIDENT. ~sigh~


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