By Request, Another Story From My Book.

The Largest Drug Find Of My Career

Here’s some free advice for all of you dope dealers out there….write it down…….are you ready…….DON’T BRING ATTENTION UPON YOURSELF WHEN YOU ARE HAULING YOUR PRODUCT!

Most drug arrests occur during traffic stops. Simple traffic violations like a taillight out, or speeding, is what gets most drug couriers caught. But a pissed off woman will get you caught every time!

I was dispatched to a call of a “rolling domestic” or a domestic disturbance in a moving vehicle for all you non-police folks. The caller stated that there was a man and woman in a Maroon Chevy Camaro and they were coming into Kaufman on Highway 34 from Terrell. The caller last saw the vehicle turning right onto West Mulberry Street.

A Mexican Army expert shows crystal meth paste at a clandestine laboratory near la Rumorosa town in Tecate, Baja California state, Mexico on August 28, 2018.
(Photo credit GUILLERMO ARIAS/AFP/Getty Images)

I was close to the area but could not find the car. There is usually a short delay between the caller telling our dispatchers something and them getting that information to us, so this happens frequently. I was not busy at the time so I continued looking for the car around the northern part of town.

The stuff is poison.

I made my way over to the courthouse square and when I came around the corner, there sat a Maroon Camaro with a man and woman inside arguing. I eased up behind the vehicle and hit my red and blue flashing lights. The man instantly jumped out of the driver’s seat and started walking to the sidewalk. I told him to stand where he was and keep his hands where I could see them. He started telling me that he was late for court and he really needed to get to the courthouse.

14 years of Meth use.

I patted him down and just as I was finishing, his attorney came walking down the sidewalk. He was a real sorry bastard that I had heard nothing but bad things about. He approached and asked if he could get his client to the courthouse because the judge was waiting. After identifying the man, and the attorney, I told him he could go to the courthouse (what can I say, I was young and dumb!).

I then walked over to the passenger side of the car to speak to the woman. She rolled the window down approximately 1 inch when I asked her to roll it down. RED FLAG! I told her to step out of the car, but she initially refused to do so. I told her to get her ass out of the car or I would remove her from it. She then opened the door, stepped out, and quickly locked and shut the door.

Only 4 years of use.

I got her information and ran her and the man over the radio to dispatch for a warrant check. As soon as I was finished giving the information, my Lieutenant got on the radio and asked if I was familiar with the man. I told him that I was not and he stated that he would be at my location shortly. SHIT, I LET HIM GO TO THE COURTHOUSE!

The Lieutenant arrived and informed me that the man that I had let walk away was one of the largest, most prolific dope dealers in Kaufman County. I told him what was going on, and about the woman not wanting me near the car. At that time, a Kaufman County K9 Deputy arrived on scene. He had heard the name over the radio as well and immediately knew he wanted to run his K9 around the car I had stopped.

I asked the woman for consent to search the car and she flat refused. That was expected, so now we let the 4-legged officer have his turn. The dog went absolutely bat-shit crazy on the car! That gave me probable cause to search the vehicle and when I opened the door; the smell of Ether slapped me in the face so hard I nearly fell down. I had never smelled it that strong before.

3 years of using this evil drug.

There was a black bag in the floorboard where the woman had been sitting. I picked it up and opened it and pulled out a gallon size zip-lock baggie that was half full of freshly cooked, still warm Methamphetamine! I told the Lieutenant and Deputy to watch her and I sprinted to the courthouse as fast as a fat man could! I went upstairs to the District Court where the attorney had told me they were going.

As I approached the courtroom, the hallway was packed with people. Just as I was about to enter the courtroom to see if I had been lied to, out walks the man and his lawyer with big smiles on their faces. That didn’t last long. I stood directly in front of the fat, bearded attorney and told him, “I’m here to arrest your client, get out of my way”. I then grabbed the suspect and had him handcuffed before he knew what hit him.

Using Meth can turn you into bear shit also!

The lawyer tells me “Wait just a minute” and I tell him to be quiet. I was in the process of searching the suspect when he looked at the lawyer and says “Take my wallet and give it to so and so” I said hold up. I grabbed and opened the wallet to find that there was a bunch of cash inside. “That belongs to me bud” I said as I start walking the dope-dealing shithead through the crowd and out to the car.

As I round the corner of the building and start walking my prisoner down the sidewalk with his attorney two steps behind, the K9 Deputy looks up and says “Oh now I know why he is driving around with so much Meth, he had to pay his crooked ass attorney with it!” I looked over at the deputy and I could immediately tell that he and the lawyer had a history.

Crystal Meth, or “Ice”

“That’s nice; a piece of shit dope dealer has a piece of shit lawyer to represent him!” I was thoroughly entertained by the deputy unloading on the scumbag litigator.

Inside the car I also found a bullet-proof vest, which was very illegal for the convicted felon to possess, a butt-load of drug paraphernalia, and drug dealer tools of the trade like scales, baggies, etc.

I seized the doper’s Camaro and sent both him and his girlfriend to prison, but before he was sentenced, the suspect had two more encounters with the law, both with him hauling dope, both which resulted in him losing sports cars! I was told that the feds finally came in and seized all of his property and sent him away for a good long while to see if he could figure out the error of his ways.

See more of the effects of Meth use here.

The meth that I seized that day weighed 243 grams. The largest piece inside the bag was as big as a softball! As of the writing of this story, that amount has not been beaten by any officer of the department.

And I’ve never let anyone leave one of my scenes again until I was finished with my business!


  1. It’s been a year or so since I read your book, but I love the stories from it. Something tells me I need to read it again!!


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