If You’re Going to Impersonate Cops, You Might Wanna Pass on the Face Tattoos.

Ummm……..I’m Officer Gary…..See my Face-Name-Tag!

Okay look, I get it. You are too lazy, and ignorant, to get a real job and you want Gary to take care of your lazy ass for the rest of your life. I understand. I really do. So one day you are sitting around the crib, suckin on a forty, watching that crazy bitch Wendy Williams on TV, and eating a bag of Hot Funyuns when the brilliant idea comes to you……..I’ma get “Gary” tattooed right between my eyes and down my nose!

But then on down the road, Gary gets tired of your ever-widening ass not working, and he hatches the best plan ever…..Let’s Go Impersonate Cops and rob people!

Now I understand the plan was going along great, until you had to have a burrito deluxe and a side of refried beans, and made hard-working Gary pull into the Del Taco feed your hongry ass. That’s when the real popo spotted your gimped up hoopty and busted your dumb asses.

The only question I have for you girl is……did you get to eat that damn burrito before they busted you? Just wondering.

You can read about these two brain surgeons right here.

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