My Addiction

I am a man what believes that the first step to fixing a problem is to admit that you have one. So here goes…..
Hi, my name is Ed and I am a patchaholic.
I am addicted to collecting Law Enforcement patches and I can’t stop.

It all started around 2001 when I went to a training class and an officer that I met there gave me one of his departments shoulder patches. It was like heroin; one hit and I was hooked. I wish I could find that guy today, I would punch him in his nose!

It really wasn’t so bad when I displayed my collection at the police department. There was plenty of room there and people enjoyed seeing the different patches from all over the State of Texas…………….and then from all over the country…………………….and eventually, from all over the world.

But then I retired, and the collection came home with me.

All 2700 of them.

Now some people with this disease keep their patches in photo albums or in boxes. Me, I display mine in poster frames. Poster frames take up a lot of room on the walls. When you take up a lot of room on the walls, your wife is not happy. When your wife is not happy………..well, you all know the rest.

Mrs. Black has banned me, and my patches, from every room in the house, except my tiny little office, and trust me, she didn’t want to give me that one. But being the kind, loving, tolerant woman that she is, she accepted the fact that she had to put me somewhere and the office was the smallest room in the house.

This addiction is like any other addiction, it just keeps getting worse. I started out just collecting Texas Police patches. Then I began a Texas Sheriff patches collection. I now have an Alaska collection, a Florida collection, a State Police collection, a Foreign Police patch collection, a Special Unit collection, a US Marshal patch collection, FBI, DEA, Secret Service, and Border Patrol collections, a collection of patches with Ships and Boats on them, and a colorful patch collection. Yeah, I have a problem.

Realizing that my addiction was getting out of control a little bit, I decided to start focusing mainly on Texas patches. I want to get at least one patch from every police and sheriff department in the state………. and there are more than 2000 of them.

I know that I need to do something to help control this problem. I am trying my best, and I think I have found a solution. I think I have found the cure to my patch collecting addiction.

I’ve started collection Law Enforcement Challenge Coins!!

I already have more than 200 of them!

Scroll down for more pictures.

One comment

  1. I think it’s an amazing collection with a heart-felt meaning behind it. ;o) Please keep us posted on NEW ones that you get!


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