Y’all are going to have to forgive me for the words that I am about to type into this post. I’m just going to put it out there right up front so if you keep reading it’s on you.

Another baby has died after being left inside a day care van, this time in Florida. You can see the news report here.

This has got to be the single most preventable tragedy that ever takes place, and it keeps happening! How the hell do you forget a baby in a vehicle!?!? This is such total bullshit. Are daycare centers hiring people that simply cannot count? I mean it’s absolutely simple; you pick up 6 kids, you make sure 6 kids get out of the damn van! 6 on, 6 off, it’s pretty fucking elementary people!

I have some serious problems with this particular murder, and you’re damn right, that’s exactly what it is, a cut and dry HOMICIDE!

Why was a 4-month-old baby placed in the 3rd row of the van anyway? An infant should ALWAYS be strapped in right behind the driver. This would fall under….what are the words….oh yeah, COMMON FUCKING SENSE!

The daycare, and I use that term only because that is what they were SUPPOSED to be, never even notified the state that they transported children! You know why?…….Because it costs a little extra money to have that privilege approved by state regulators, that’s why.

My next question is this; why isn’t the news reporting the arrest of the baby’s Daddy? Because I promise you one damn thing, they would have had to send the entire Sheriff’s Department to get me off that sorry son-of-a-bitch. That’s not bravado, it’s just me stating what I know would have happened. I would have lost my mind, just like I know these parents have.

Why, why, in this country where the elected criminals work to regulate every damned tiny facet of our lives, have they not mandated a warning system be installed in every vehicle that alerts you if you shut the doors with the engine turned off and there is still a child in the car?!? They have the technology people! The only reason they have not done so is because the government is going to have to supplement the cost of having the system installed in older cars. All it would take for every single new vehicle produced or imported in this country to have the system is legislation enacted, and we all know the bastards in Washington DC love to enact legislation don’t we!

Ooooh but wait…….it would interfere with Pelosi’s and Schumer’s self-promoting, ridiculous war on Trump in order to take the time to get this legislation passed wouldn’t it!

Why can’t some of these wealthy, dead-braincell-having, assholes that are out here paying 91 million dollars for a 3-foot tall metal rabbit, get out there and get behind a project like this and get it done???

Some pathetic idiot, Steve Cohen, just paid 91 million dollars for this ridiculous rabbit.

Why can’t rich people like the stupid-ass moron that paid 1.1 million dollars for a solid red painting get out there and do something worthy like this?

Or how about the pathetic Richie Rich who paid 86.5 million dollars for a painting that is just orange and red splotches? Why can’t they get out there and actually do something good with the money they are dying to throw away?

Or how about my favorite example of the level of stupidity of some wealthy individuals…..2.2 million dollars for this thing that any child in the world could draw….

I just don’t get it. We have babies dying every other day, but the most influential people in this country do not give a damn about it. Oh sure, they throw a few dollars to a charity here and there, but they are not doing anything near what they can, and should, be doing.

And I know there is going to be some smart-ass out there who is going to ask “well what the hell are YOU doing to help?” Well let me tell you asshole; I have written about two dozen letters to various legislators, including those that represent me, and those that don’t, pleading for them to take this problem seriously. I have sent emails to Ford, Chrysler, GMC, and Toyota executives trying to put pressure on them. When I was an active cop, I created pamphlets and social media posts trying to bring awareness to this issue. I know it’s not much, but I am doing what I can to try and prevent one more child from dying like this. You can find your Senators here. And you can find a list of top company executives here.

As for those people who defend the parents, daycare workers, or anybody else who “forgets” a child in a car, to those who defend them by saying stupid bullshit like “sometimes people just get too busy and forget”, or my favorite “the dad was going about his regular routing and forgot he was supposed to drop off the baby at daycare” I say this… what point did ANYTHING become more important than your child? When, exactly, did work, or “routine”, or ANYTHING ELSE become a viable excuse for killing your own child? You work on that and get back to me.

I hope the bastard gets life in prison without the possibility of parole. The death penalty would be too good for his sorry ass.

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