It’s Summertime……already?

Yep, it is. It’s summertime and school is out. That means the beautiful little children are at home……………… all day ……………………….every day ………………with me………………….Yay!

I’ve learned something about kids in the few days that they have been at home with me……….kids are a lot of freakin work! They are always wanting something, or wanting to go somewhere, or fighting with each other, or otherwise just being a pain in my ass!

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my babies, I really do. The thing I like most about my kids is that they are hilarious. They do stuff that just makes you laugh out loud and think “how did they think of that?”.

A Perfect example is this morning. I am in the bathroom taking care of the morning business when I start hearing this noise in the kitchen. It sounded like someone was opening and closing the silverware drawer really fast. This went on for like 20 minutes! (Yes, I take my time on the throne barring a fire or nudity on television).

So after I finish my business, I go in the kitchen to find out what the heck all the noise is when I see my two children sitting ON TOP of the island in the kitchen playing Foosball on a portable Foosball table! They’re not on the giant coffee table in their game room, no sir, they are in the kitchen on top of the counter playing freakin Foosball. And you wanna know what the sad part is?? I didn’t even ask them WHY they were on the kitchen counter playing Foosball. I just chalked it up as normal and went on about my business.

I mean let’s face it, if they aren’t painting the dog or rappelling off the ceiling fan, then I consider it a successful day.

How long before school starts again?


  1. I asked your wife is G was going to daycare this summer? She looked at me like I was crazy. I said, oh nevermind…you have a free babysitter. HAHAHA!!! Have FUN 🙂


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