It’s Time To Show Them.

It’s time to give them a taste of what they are asking for.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I made the mistake of sitting down and flipping through social media and ended up exactly where I knew I would…….. in a little place called Pissed-Offville!

More and more people are running around slamming ALL Law Enforcement Officers. Every cop, in every city, is suddenly a racist, black-people hating cop who does nothing but beat the shit out of, and kill, sweet little innocent misunderstood baby boys.

We see it on the news every day now…..5 minutes after every single shooting….wait….. 5 minutes after every single shooting that involves a black person, the local “Reverends” in the community start screaming “SHOW US THE TAPE!”. I mean really, 5 damn minutes after…….the damn Coroners Office hasn’t even arrived on scene yet and they want to see the tape!

But then something happens…..the Chief shows them the tape. Every person in the world with a computer can now see that the poor, innocent, misunderstood little boy CLEARLY has a gun in his hands. Every person in the world with a computer can now see that the poor, innocent, misunderstood little boy CLEARLY points the weapon at Police Officers who are telling him over and over and over using loud, clear, simple words that 4 year-olds can understand to DROP THE WEAPON. Every person in the world with a computer can now see that the poor, innocent, misunderstood little boy CLEARLY gets the shit shot out of him because of HIS decisions. His choices. His actions.

Is that good enough for Reverend John Q. Public? OF COURSE NOT! What fun would that be? If they step back and say “You know what? That stupid ass son-of-a-bitch should have dropped his gun and he would still be breathing” then they couldn’t get their 15 minutes of fame in front of the news cameras! If they did that they couldn’t convince the family of poor little junior to hire their brother-in-law, the attorney, to sue the city for every dollar that has ever crossed into the city limits. And naturally, after all is settled out of court, the Rev’s church will get a little “bonus” in the offering plate.

You think I’m wrong? You think I’m making this up? It happens all the time people.

Suddenly in 2019 everybody has decided that all cops are nothing but murderers who drive around everyday hoping for their opportunity to murder an innocent black man. Oh, and do you think it makes a difference if the cop is black!?!?!? HELL NO IT DOESN’T! “He’s been working for the police too long and he ain’t black no more!” YES this has been stated on camera!

But things are changing rapidly, and not for the better. A few days ago some members of a U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force was FORCED to shoot a man, who happened to be African American. You can read about it here.

Jim Weber/Daily Memphian via AP

Immediately, the Officers on scene started getting assaulted by cowards throwing rocks, bottles, bricks, and anything else they could get their hands on. At least 36 officers and deputies suffered injuries, including six who had to be taken to the hospital, according to the Memphis Police Department. So lets take a look at this situation.

A man had placed an ad on Facebook for a vehicle and had been negotiating with the douchebag who was killed by authorities in Memphis, identified as 20-year-old Brandon “Douchebag” (I will not give this piece of shit any notoriety). On June 3, douchebag traveled to Hernando, where he and the victim took the car for a test drive. The douchebag then allegedly told the victim that he wanted to see what the car could do, and after the victim got out of the car, douchebag shot him five times. The victim is alive but is still in the hospital.

Mr. Douchebag

Mr. Douchebag had warrants issued out of Hernando, Mississippi, for aggravated assault, conspiracy and armed robbery. Not to mention a criminal history so long that you could wallpaper a house with it.

Because Mr. Douchebag was considered armed and dangerous, Officers with the U.S. Marshals Service were called in and attempted to stop Webber as he was getting into a vehicle outside a home in the Frayser area of north Memphis on Wednesday night. He then rammed the car multiple times into the officers’ vehicles and then got out holding a weapon. The officers fired at Douchebag , solving all of his problems.

Okay, now that you have the picture, tell me what all of those pissed-off rock throwers wanted the cops to do? How do they believe the cops should have handled the situation? Just let him go? Apologize and ask nicely for him to go to jail? Consult with his momma’s reverend before making a decision on what to do?

Maybe all law enforcement agencies in the United States should be forced to always ask a suspect’s family preacher to bring him to the jail before being allowed to try and make the arrest themselves? Maybe they should be forced to make a Youtube video explaining to the suspect why he should turn himself in to authorities and post it for a mandatory 30 days before being allowed to go after him?

It’s time to give them what they want people! It’s time for these communities to get a taste of what they are asking for!

I am proposing that every single cop in the country call in sick on the same day. EVERY COP. From the Chief down to the brand new rookie, NOBODY puts on a badge for 24 hours. Give them exactly what they want, NO COPS.

Now, we won’t advertise the date that this would take place, no need in giving the douchebags of the country a heads up. It will be a happy surprise for them. “911 what is your emergency? Oh they are shooting up your house? Oh okay, sorry, I don’t have any Officers to send you but thanks for calling.”

That is what it is going to take for the law-abiding citizens of this country to start defending and supporting law enforcement. That’s what it is going to take for the law-abiding citizens of this country to start telling Black Lives Matter and the rest of them to sit down and shut the hell up.

Something’s gotta give.

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