Headed For Trouble

We are headed for the perfect storm.

Try to imagine if you will, a country with no Law Enforcement Officers. Try to imagine a country that is patrolled by, and laws are enforced by, the military, or National Guard. Try to imagine a country where lawlessness is a regular way of life. Where good people must build fortresses to protect their families from the killers, rapists, and gangs that control the streets.

This may all sound like some sick fantasy of some “dooms-dayer”, but is it really that far from reality? Take a look at some of the things that have happened just recently and decide for yourself.

In the afternoon on Sunday June 23rd North St. Louis County Police Officer Mike Langsdorf was shot inside a store after he responded to a man trying to pass a bad check. As this hero laid dying on the floor, the cashier supervisor KASHINA HARPER didn’t try and stop the bleeding. She didn’t try to comfort Officer Langsdorf. Kashina Harper thought it was more important to LIVESTREAM a dying Police Officer’s last few moments of life on Facebook for her friends to watch.

What makes this even worse is that shortly after she broadcasted her movie to her Facebook friends, she sent it to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper immediately posted the livestream video on their website. Officer Lansgford’s family had not even been notified of his death yet and here is a media outlet rushing to broadcast the video of a man dying that a sub-human piece of shit stood there and recorded instead of helping the man. You can read the story on Law Enforcement Today

You can tell the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper what you think about them right here if you want to. I did.

On Wednesday, June 19th Sacramento Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan was murdered by a man who had barricaded himself in a “nest” and waited for responding officers to arrive. The hero Officer never stood a chance. The coward continued to fire at Officers with automatic weapons, preventing them from getting to Tara and helping her. It took 45 minutes for them to finally make it to her, but it was too late. Now for the truly sick part of the story. During the 45 minutes the Officers were pinned down, the crowd of people can be heard on video laughing, cheering, and celebrating the fact that an Officer lay dying on the ground. Members of this “community” can be heard shouting that she “got what she deserved”.

On May 5th in Biloxi, Mississippi a 19 year old coward walked 8 miles to the Biloxi Police Department with the sole intention of killing a Police Officer. As Officer Robert McKeithen stood talking to 2 women, this coward walked up behind the hero officer and shot him 9 times from behind. He is on video arriving at the Police Station with a big smile on his face just minutes before the shooting. After the shooting, 2 of the coward’s brothers, and 3 other people helped him hide from Law Enforcement. (All 5 have been charged with Accessory After-the-Fact to Capital Murder).

After being arrested, the coward told Officers they should “respect the shooter”, and laughed and giggled as he was being escorted in the Biloxi PD. At his preliminary hearing, the coward giggled, laughed, and shook his head as a Detective testified as to how the murder unfolded.

Coward smiling as he walks into the Biloxi PD just minutes before murdering Officer McKeithen.

Earlier this month, students at Portland State University rallied at a board meeting demanding that all Police Officers be unarmed. This stemmed from an incident on campus where a dumbass pointed a gun at officers and was shot and killed. The students stated that if the Officers had been unarmed that this poor, innocent young man would still be alive. Nevermind that at least one cop would be dead. That’s not important because they chose that job so it’s their fault they’re dead.

In May and June at least 72 Police Officers were placed on suspension for posts on their personal Facebook pages during the last few years. A group decided they would scour the internet searching for posts that they were offended by and then published those posts for the public to see. Several Police Departments, including the Dallas PD, couldn’t run fast enough to suspend officers. The Plain View Project is the name of the group (which of course was started by a lawyer) and you can view the “Offensive” posts for yourself here. Some of these posts include nothing more than the Spartan Helmet image that a lot of cops like to use. Some of them are simply cops applauding the fact that a crime victim fought back and won. Now I am not going to stand here and tell you that there are no posts that are offensive and cross a line, there are, however, many of them are absolutely not and those officers will be punished for them because they offended “someone, somewhere”.

On May 6th a coward was recorded getting on top of a police vehicle and urinating on it outside a movie theater. In the video you can hear the crowd cheering him on.

On Wednesday June 12th in Memphis, Tennessee members of the Gulf Coast Regional Task Force attempted to arrest a coward for felony warrants. The coward got into his car and began ramming the officer’s vehicles. He then got out of his car with a gun and the officers solved his problem for him. A large crowd gathered and began throwing bricks, bottles, rocks, and everything else at the officers. More than 30 of them had to go to the hospital for treatment. The crowd damaged police cars and a Fire Station that was nearby.

(Jim Weber/Daily Memphian via AP)

Memphis police officers were called in to help with crowd control as word of the shooting spread on social media. As more protesters showed up, more Memphis officers and Shelby County sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene. The situation then escalated, and officers donned protective riot gear as people threw rocks and bricks. Police cars and a nearby fire station were damaged, Rallings said.”

In April of this year, mobs of hundreds of teenagers swarmed the city’s streets on more than one occasion. Experts said the mobs aren’t just disturbances caused by crowds of teens with nowhere to go. They’re actually diversions to serve as a distraction so crimes can be committed. Groups of teens connect on social media and make plans to bombard downtown areas together. “Some of the organizers on social media are doing this intentionally,” one Alderman said. “They’re trying to get large groups together so they can hide behind these groups and commit these criminal acts.” He continued, “People are getting hurt. They’re being struck. Punched in the face. Older people are getting pushed to the ground. Purses are being stolen.”

NBC Chicago

The stories go on and on of people attacking Law Enforcement Officers and then cheering and celebrating when an officer is hurt or killed. There is very, very little respect for police in America in 2019. Parents are teaching their kids to hate police. They are teaching them that we are the enemy.

Injured Officer in Sydney, Australia. They are dealing with some of the same issues of anti-law enforcement sentiment.

There are also stories all over the internet about Law Enforcement Agencies that cannot fill empty positions in their departments. Just this past week the Portland, Oregon Police Chief announced that he was relaxing standards in order to get applicants. Suddenly, in Portland, you can have tattoos up your neck and on your face, but as long as you have a High School Diploma, or a GED, you can be a cop. And Portland is just the latest in a long list of agencies to relax their hiring standards.

The point of this story is that we are speeding down a road to bad things happening.

  1. The bottom has dropped out of the “Respect for Law Enforcement” bucket.
  2. Police agencies all over the country are begging for police applicants, leaving less and less officers to work the streets.
  3. When you have less officers working the streets you get officers working many hours of overtime and getting more and more stressed, with little to no time off to decompress.
  4. When you have officers working too many hours and they don’t have a chance to decompress they start making mistakes. Mistakes cause bad shit to happen.
  5. When departments cannot get any police applicants, instead of working harder to find a way to recruit applicants, they are simply lowering their standards of what they will accept just to fill a vacant position.
  6. When you hire, and give a gun to, a substandard officer applicant, and you send him out into the public with all the power and authority of a Police Officer, how can you be surprised when shit goes bad?
  7. Once they hire a new officer, it is perfectly fine for them to have tattoos all over their faces and wear nasty looking beards, but they damned-well better not post a cartoon of a cop kicking a criminal in the butt on social media!

Police Officers in this country are waking up by the dozens every day and realizing that they cannot do their jobs anymore. They are realizing that they are in a no-win situation. Now, not only do you have to worry about going home alive at the end of the shift, but they have to worry equally as much whether or not they are going to go to jail by the end of the shift. All it takes now is for the officer to be recorded taking a suspect to the ground and that video hits the internet going 8 million miles per hour.

There is no way, absolutely NO WAY, that I will recommend for anyone to go into law enforcement as a career. YOU CANNOT WIN! No matter what you do, you will eventually lose. You will lose your family life, you will lose financial security, you will lose your health, you will lose your freedom, or you will lose your life, but you will lose. If you want to help people for a living, go be a Firefighter.

I know there will be people out there saying that I am just an old, bitter cop with a bad attitude, and that is okay. But I am not telling anybody to take my word for it, here are the facts, go decide for yourself. I would like to hear from anyone in the internet universe who can convince me that this pattern is going to turn around. In the meantime, I’m standing firm.

To all you Officers out there, be safe, be vigilant, and always do the right thing, even if you think nobody is watching!


  1. From T. Jones:
    It’s unbelievable the disrespect and violence aimed at police officers. That story about Officer Langsdorf absolutely sickens me to no end. If I had been that cashier, I would probably even have charged at that pos when I saw him pull a gun. To just stand there and do nothing is unforgivable. And the democrats are promoting this type of behavior. In my opinion, they want to cause chaos in this country, appealing to people’s self-centeredness and greed…then they want to take over and rule the country. Then they’ll be telling us when we can and can’t wipe our noses…because after all, they know best. But, they are not counting on the fortitude and will of the decent, hardworking, law abiding citizens who are not going to let that happen.

    I respect police officers. I was raised to respect others, tell the truth and care for people other than myself. Anytime I come across a police officer, I shake his hand and thank him for his service, as does my husband.

    To police officers everywhere, I appreciate you and everything you do for this country. I don’t even want to imagine life without you.


  2. In almost 16 years of doing this., I ask myself more and more often is it really worth it anymore? Is it time to get out? This is a great story


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