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Dear Ask A Cop, I have an idea that a person is throwing glass and nails on my street right outside my house, but I do not have a camera. And if I get a video camera should I just get a security company for a few months? Heather S.

Dear Heather, You will definitely need to get them on camera in order for the Police to be able to do anything. Unfortunately, it is very hard to capture something so small being dropped or thrown, so you will need a very good system in order to do so. Good Luck. AAC

Dear Ask A Cop, Why does every cop get angry during a traffic stop when you tell them “I don’t answer questions.”? Dean M.

Dear Dean, Because it is disrespectful and immediately causes tension in the traffic stop. Only assholes that are looking for conflict will refuse to answer simple, basic questions that are required for a traffic stop. AAC

Dear Ask A Cop,
At the end of this video it shows the cars passing in a no passing zone . Would this be a ticketable situation ? Asking only because it is in a PSA video .
Mark L.R.

Dear Mark,
I don’t know about Michigan, but in Texas it is absolutely a
n offense and you can be given a ticket for it.

Dear Ask A Cop,
I was walking my small dog on public sidewalk in my neighborhood and this pit bull came running out of a house and attacked my dog do I have the right to defend me and my small dog?
Kristin R.

Dear Kristin,
Of course you do. With any means necessary.

Dear Ask A Cop,
If a group of 3 people between the ages of 15 and 16 jump someone who is 18 or older can the older person defend themselves against the threat by fighting back?
Jeff P.

Dear Jeff,
Absolutely they can. You have a right to defend yourself no matter what. Where people get in trouble is going BEYOND defending themselves.
You have the right to defend yourself, but once the threat is gone you must stop the aggression. This stands no matter how old the aggressors are.

Dear Ask A Cop,
My friend got into a heated argument with his neighbor about some tree limbs. We were able to separate the two of them, but then later the neighbor went back over to my friend’s house and knocked on the door. When my friend opened the door, the other guy stepped into his house and punched him in the face.
We are trying to talk my friend into filing assault charges on this guy, but he doesn’t want to do that and says he will catch the guy outside and settle it himself. How can we get him to file the assault charges?
Trying to Help from Fort Worth, Texas

Dear Trying to Help,
Tell your friend that the charge that he will be filing is not “Assault”, it is Burglary and it is a Second Degree Felony. The guy is in serious trouble.

      (a)  An individual adjudged guilty of a felony of the second degree shall be punished by imprisonment in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for any term of not more than 20 years or less than 2 years.
      (b)  In addition to imprisonment, an individual adjudged guilty of a felony of the second degree may be punished by a fine not to exceed $10,000.

In Texas, if you enter a habitation and commit assault… is “Burglary of Habitation with Intent to Commit Felony, Theft or Assault” .
This is found in the Texas Penal Code under Chapter 30.

Sec. 30.02.  BURGLARY.  
(a)  A person commits an offense if, without the effective consent of the owner, the person:
      (1)  enters a habitation, or a building (or any portion of a building) not then open to the public, with intent to commit a felony, theft, or an assault;  or
      (2)  remains concealed, with intent to commit a felony, theft, or an assault, in a building or habitation;  or
      (3)  enters a building or habitation and commits or attempts to commit a felony, theft, or an assault.(b)  
For purposes of this section, "enter" means to intrude:(1)  any part of the body;  or(2)  any physical object connected with the body.(c)  
Except as provided in Subsection (c-1) or (d), an offense under this section is a:(1)  state jail felony if committed in a building other than a habitation; or(2)  felony of the second degree if committed in a habitation.
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Dear Ask A Cop,
If someone reaches into the back of a pickup (in the bed) and steals a chainsaw, isn’t that Burglary of a Motor Vehicle? I had this happen to me and when I got a copy of the report for my boss it says “Theft” and not burglary. I’ve read the entire report and nowhere does it say “Burglary of a Motor Vehicle”?
What’s the Deal in Frisco

Dear Deal,
In the State of Texas if a coward reaches over into the “open” bed of a pickup and steals something, the offense is Theft.
The key word there is “open”. If you have a cover over the bed of your truck and they actually open the cover and reach in… now have “Burglary of a Vehicle”. It’s ridiculous, but that’s how law’s are.

Closed = Burglary, Open = Theft

Dear Ask A Cop,
Okay if you live in Paragould, Arkansas and you are 21, and not a felon, can you open carry a handgun?
Tristan B.

Dear Tristan,
This is not an easy question to answer for the simple fact that Arkansas law makers can’t even agree if open carry is legal or not in the state. As recently as February 2019 the Arkansas House Panel could not come to a consensus on how to fix the confusion with the state laws regarding open carry. You can read about that
From the information I have been able to dig up, some places will arrest you for open carry, and others won’t. So good luck with that.
Arkansas has a minimum age for a Concealed Carry Permit of 18, and the felon part goes without saying.


Dear Ask A Cop,
I am 63 and have emphysema in its worst stage. Doctors want me on almost a dozen pills. My oldest and dearest friend visited me in January when I was in ICU for the 3rd time in a year. Doctors said prepare. My oldest friend Gary said l want you to try this, its called CBD oil. I stopped having asthma attacks, I stopped falling down, and I can shower and go to restroom without help from wife. When she would go to work and I fell I crawled to bathroom. Now I can dress myself and go to restroom by myself. I am alive, but the law goes back and forth in Austin. Is it legal or not.
Gordon B.

Dear Gordon,
First of all let me say that I am very happy that you have found something that is helping you with your symptoms. I have been touched by cancer in my family and I know it sucks.
If CBD Oil helps you, then TAKE IT and the law be damned.
Currently, CBD Oil is not legal in the State of Texas. Even if the bottle says “THC Free” it is still technically against the law to have it.
That being said, keep using it if it helps you feel better sir. Nobody is going to arrest you under your circumstances. I wish you the very best and will pray for you.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Is it legal to ride horseback on a road in Indiana?
If so, would one ride with or against traffic?
Ericka S.

Dear Ericka,
You can check out a good article about Indiana Horse and Buggy laws in
this article, but my advice is to stay off of the roadway as much as possible while on horseback.
I also found this great article from “Everyday Horsing” that has good information.

Dear Ask a Cop,
What if a person is standing on a bridge and they tell you that they can’t swim and that person pushes the person off the Bridge to “be a man” and that person drowns. Is that involuntary man slaughter or murder?

Dear Chance,
When it comes to murder charges there are a TON of factors that go into deciding what charges to file. Was there intent to kill the person, or was it just a joke gone bad? Would a reasonable person have known that the person was likely to drown if they were pushed? How high was the bridge? How deep was the water, etc. It usually falls back on what “elements of the offense” can actually be proven in court.
Best advice…….never push anyone off of a bridge.

Texas Penal Code – PENAL § 1.07. Definitions

(22) “Element of offense” means:
(In other words, what must be proven in court)
(A) the forbidden conduct;
(B) the required culpability;
(C) any required result;  and
(D) the negation of any exception to the offense.

Dear Ask A Cop,
I have a friend that is a police officer and we just started dating about a month ago. We have been out on several dates and I really like him. But he does something that irritates me and before I push the issue with him I wanted to ask you for your advice. I have never been around or even known a police officer before him, so I was hoping you can help me.
Whenever we go to a restaurant or a club, he always makes me sit with my back to the door and I hate it. I have told him I like to sit where I can people watch, but he always says he has to sit facing the doors or windows, but will not say why. What is the deal?
Ria S.

Dear Ria,
He sits facing the door so if a bad guy comes in he can save your life.

Dear Ask a Cop,
Why are cops always such assholes?
Racer29 from H-Town

Dear Racer,
Because of the immature, stupidity that we have to deal with from douche-bag pricks like you who aren’t man enough to show some respect. Have a great day.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Need some advice. The other day my young but grown son went to the park at the end of our street as he has done his entire life with two friends. This day he parked his car on road (no parking lot), he usually walks across a foot bridge but has been muddy lately. They sat in car part of the time and listened to their music, probably smoked, his friend probably suck-faced his girlfriend, and I am sure they stayed on their phones the entire time. Nothing unusual. That evening another friend called to say them, his car, and license plate, along with another vehicle ( don’t know who) had been posted as “suspicious” on the popular neighborhood app. This upset them. The next morning, in the light of day, he went to house of the neighbor that posted. The husband answered. My son extended his hand to shake (not reciprocated), gave his full name, exact address, and that he grew up and lived here since 1999. He asked them to please remove the post. They were met with great hostility. He finally repeated his request and asked that they cease and desist and they left. She did remove the post. Later that day the community resource officer for our neighborhood, really nice guy, came to our home, discussed what transpired, recommended to try and stay clear of them. We thought this would be the end of it. Another neighbor posted a crime he caught on his camera, a kid trying to break into his car, and definitely not my son, both white with a clean haircut is only resemblance. But the same lady again posted in response basically accusing my son by identifying his old dark blue Oldsmobile again! She met my slightly overweight son face to face so even though camera video is not great she knows this is not him, for unknown reasons she seems to be vindictive. Now every neighbor on the app will think my son in his old car is a thief. He works nights as a cook in a restaurant, so rolls through close to midnight if coming straight home. I now fear for my son’s safety since some over zealous neighbor may perceive him as a threat and be armed. He does not rob houses, cars, sell drugs, or poop and bathe in the creek with the homeless which she has associated him with. She needs to remove her unfounded, slanderous allegations that identify him along with a retraction, and some damage will still be permanent. How should we respectfully but effectively proceed. I know in my heart these are probably very nice people that are just upset as we all are with the burglaries and homeless camping out in our neighborhood.
Thank you, LT

Dear LT,
I admire the fact that your son took the initiative to go and try to speak with the neighbor about the issue. It is a sad, but very common, testament that the neighbor was not big enough to have a one on one conversation with him, but would rather hide behind a keyboard and sling accusations.
Unfortunately, the only way to deal with this type of people is to ignore them and continue to be a responsible person and neighbor. Trust me….eventually, these kinds of people will get back what they dish out.
In the meantime, tell your son he might want to just stay in front of his own house to do whatever it is he is doing in his car.

Dear Ask A Cop,
What do you think about the Arlington Officer being indicted for shooting O’Shae Terry?
Kyle in Arlington

Dear Kyle,
I do not have all of the facts of the case. The only thing I can base an opinion on is what has been put out there by the media. So with that being said, I will offer this.
From the video that has been released to the public, it appears that the Officer is not in immediate danger. It appears that he could have just stepped back and let the piece of shit drive away, and then initiated a pursuit, which by the way, could very easily have resulted in the death of innocent citizens, instead of this asshole.

All he had to do was what the Officer told him to do.

Unfortunately, the Officer made the split-second decision to step up onto the running board of the vehicle, and then fired into the vehicle, killing the criminal.
It should be absolutely clear also, that this scumbag had a loaded pistol, pills, and marijuana in the vehicle. All he had to do was step out of the vehicle as told, and go to jail like a man instead of rolling up his windows and driving away like the coward that he was.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Hello! Writing from East Texas! I started talking to a sheriffs deputy in my town back in November 2018. I am 23 he is 36. I completely respect what he does and I love that he does what he does. I have a feeling that he thinks I don’t think that he switches from days to nights and that he works a lot and weird days sometimes. Any advice on how to let him know it doesn’t bother me and I’m here to support him and be by his side?
Texas Girl in Love

Dear Texas Girl,
Cops are mistrusting by nature. We have to be or we die. Sometimes this mistrust flows over into our personal lives. The best advice I can give you is to just be upfront and honest with him and if it’s meant to be then it will happen.

Dear Ask A Cop,
I’ve got a problem with the teenager that lives down the street. He is flying his drone outside my daughters window on the second floor during the time she goes to bed at night. I can’t prove that it’s his, but I know it is. I have reported it to the local sheriff’s department, but they said they need to be called when I see the drone so they can follow it back to the owner. I don’t want to beat the hell out of this kid and go to jail! Any suggestions?
Alex B.

Dear Alex,
Yes……the next time you see that drone blow it out of the sky with a shotgun. That will put a stop to it. (Of course be safe and don’t shoot toward any houses or people) Then send a message to the kid that if it happens again that his ass will be criminally filed on.

Dear Ask A Cop,
My neighborhood is “zero-lot line” so that of course means our neighbors are CLOSE. What do Officers truly think about call-outs for very loud music w/annoying base set to high? I’m not talking about an annoying 15-30 minutes… I’m talking about 3-5 hours of disturbing music/base. My walls vibrate. It’s annoying. It’s disrespectful. I should not have to turn my T.V. up LOUD to hear or try to drown them out. I have not called as of yet because I feel bad about calling 911 for just being annoyed/disrespected.”
Stacy H.

Dear Stacy,
To most cops, Loud Music calls are just part of the job. They are not too aggravating, or loathed, as much as some calls are. The problem that I have seen with some cops is that they don’t look at loud music as much of a nuisance. This is especially prevalent in the younger officers, because they like loud music. So I am going to tell you how to get something done about the loud music next door. Are your ready? Here’s what you have to do……

Irritate the hell out of the cops!

That’s right, keep calling them every time the neighbors turn up the bass (my personal pet peeve!). You see, here is a secret that most people don’t know. Once an officer responds to a call, any call, then dispatch will automatically send that same officer back to that location (of course I’m talking about during the same shift), and there is nothing that aggravates a cop more than having to go back to the same call over and over. I promise you, something will get done by about the 3rd call, if not sooner.
Also, never use 911 for a loud music complaint. 911 is for emergencies only. You will get a stern talking to if you use 911 for something like loud music.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Do you think it’s right for Police Officers to get a discount at restaurants and stores?
Jeff in Dallas

Dear Jeff,
To answer your question, yes I think it’s okay…TO A POINT.
When I was on the streets working deep nights, the only place in town that was open all night was a 7-Eleven. Their corporate policy was to offer Officers free small cups of coffee or soft drinks. They did this for 2 reasons. 1. They wanted to have Officers in their stores as much a possible to prevent crime; and 2. The liked to show their support for law enforcement.
A lot of restaurants make it their policy to give a discount to law enforcement to show their appreciation. Most of the time, a lot of Officers will make up the difference in their tip to the wait-staff. I usually did this. If I got $1 off my meal as a discount, then I would tip the waiter an extra $1.
Never once in my 22 year career did any business, or company owner, ask for, or expect, preferential treatment in return for a discount on my bill. Does this happen in other places….of course it does. That is when it is up to the Officer to stand by his ethics and stop doing business at that location.
Now some of you will say “If he had ethics he wouldn’t have taken the discount” and that may be true, however, there were many, many times when I would ask the cashier not to give me a discount and they would argue with me as other people stood there listening and waiting. This was very embarrassing, so you learn to just accept the generosity and try to make it up in other ways.
I also want to ask you this……..Where are the people questioning the discounts given to teachers, firefighters, clergy, and other professions?
Some places offer discounts to nurses and medical professionals.
I think it is more of an issue with cops because it is just one more thing cop-haters can utilize to try and spread their venom.

Dear Ask A Cop,
What’s the worst part of being a cop?

Dear PG,
Seeing kids suffer and not being able to fix it would be at the top of my list. Others may say something different, but that is mine.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Do you believe it is right for cops to shock people with those Tasers? Isn’t this torture?
Jessica in Somerville

Dear Jessica,
I LOVED nailing criminals with 50,000 volts of lightening! Nobody ever got hit with the Taser unless they were trying to hurt me or one of my officers. It is their choice, not mine.
Tasers have kept countless officers from being injured during arrests but the media only reports on the few that look bad to the public. Tasers have also saved countless criminals’ lives as well. Before Tasers, a lot of cops would have had to shoot the asshole who was trying to kill them. Tasers give the officers another step in the “Use of Force Continuum” before deadly force.
Another thing to keep in mind……..Every officer that carries a Taser has to be shot with it first so that they understand the effects of it. And yes….IT HURTS LIKE HELL!

Dear Ask A Cop,
What would happen if you lived in one state and Registered you car in another state because you have to pay less. Used your work address to say that where you lived in the state where your car is Registered. Live in Maryland work in Delaware?

Dear KW,
Although I am not up on Maryland or Delaware Law, I would say if the person is caught, they could possibly be filed on for some type of fraud (for filing a fraudulent document) or it could just be a charge for violating the traffic laws. Either way, they will eventually get caught and have to face the music (they always do).

Dear Ask A Cop,
I live in a residential neighborhood where there are a lot of kids who play outside, as well as people walking, pets running, etc. There is a group of young people who live somewhere in the neighborhood that are always speeding down the street, and I don’t mean just driving a little too fast, I mean they are constantly driving like they are on a racetrack somewhere.
We have yelled at them as they go by and they just ignore us. Several of us in the area have contacted the local police to no avail, we have complained to the city, and some people have even bought and put up their own “Slow Down” signs, but nothing works. Every time we call the police, they will come out and drive around the neighborhood for a little while, then leave, and the problem continues.
How can we get these people to slow down once and for all before they kill someone?
Fed Up Frank

Dear Frank,
If the problem is as bad as you say, and you have tried multiple times to appeal to them, and you have tried calling the police to get something done, and the city refuses to address the problem, then it is time to make a stand.
Years ago, I had the exact same problem in my neighborhood, and I mean the EXACT same problem. I tried to talk to the people, I tried getting the local authorities to do something (I was not a cop in that town), and I complained to the mayor and city council, but nothing “official” was done to stop the problem. To be quite honest about it though, there really is not a lot that a municipality can do to stop an asshole from endangering the lives of people because they need to be caught actually in the act of speeding to be issued a ticket, and the cops can’t always be there at the exact time that these idiots fly down the street.

I knew about what time this guy always came down the street so one day I got my trash can and went out and waited. When I heard him coming, I got my large, roll-away trash can ready and as he approached I shoved that trash can out into the middle of the road, right in front of his ass. He slammed on the brakes, and before he could even get out of the car, I was in his face at his window calmly explaining to him that the trash can could have easily been a child.
He was pissed off, but not near as pissed off as I was, and soon he decided that it was not in his best interest to get out of the car and continue the conversation. We didn’t have any more problems with him flying down the road after that.
Now I am not telling you to handle your situation exactly like I did mine, however, it was effective. I do suggest that if you do decide to deal with the problem in a similar manner, that you have several of the neighbors out there with you at the time so that they get the message that you are not the only one that has a problem with their behavior.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Can my car have blue headlights?

Dear MS,
According to state and federal law, any headlight bulb of a vehicle must be white or shades of yellow and amber; this is not only a Texas standard, but a federal one (according to 49 Code of Federal Regulations Section 571.108).
According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, any colored bulbs or headlamps must have the Department of Transportation or appropriate Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) stamp of compliance on them; there are currently no DOT-approved red or blue bulbs. Red and blue bulbs resemble the lights used by emergency and law enforcement vehicles, making them confusing or distracting for officers and other drivers.
With accent lights—such as the rings around headlamps created by “halo lights” or “angel eyes”—the rules on color and tone vary; the ring that these enhancements create can be off-colors, such as purple or green, but they still cannot be red or blue. The colored accent lights are a grey area for law enforcement, but under no circumstances should a headlamp be flashing or blinking. There are currently no regulations on colored accent lights except for blue or red.

Dear Ask A Cop,
From your perspective as a cop, what is the meaning of life?
LN from Arlington

Dear LN,
Wow, what a question.
I don’t believe that life has a “meaning”. I believe that life has a purpose, and I believe that purpose is for us, as individuals, to see how how good we can be as human beings.

Dear Ask A Cop,
How much is the average ticket for running a red light in the Dallas area?
Lindsey in Frisco

Dear Lindsey,
It can be different for every city, but the most a Class C Traffic Citation can be in the State of Texas is $500. From my experience, the average would be around $300 for that offense.

Dear Ask A Cop,
I live in a sub-division where the houses are very close together. I work from home and my office is on the second floor. From my window I can clearly see my neighbors backyard. The woman who lives there does not work, or works from home, and spends a lot of time sunning beside their pool. The problem is, she sunbathes in the nude, and from where she keeps her lounger, I always have a full view of her as she is facing my house. She is also very attractive.
I am not watching her through binoculars or a telescope, I am simply sitting at my desk working and there she is! My question is this……if she spots me looking at her and calls the police, can I get in trouble? I’m not sure how to handle this. I have thought about going over and talking to her and let her know that I can see her, but I do not want to have any problems with them (I have to live here!). What should I do?
KB in Dallas

Dear KB,
You lucky ass!
Look man, she knows you can see her okay. If you can easily see her, then she can easily see you and your windows. I assume you have a car, so she knows you are home every day. She positions her lounge chair so that it is facing you, and she doesn’t try to hide anything. She knows you are watching. Sit back and enjoy the view, but remember this….if you start taking photos of her or recording her, that crosses the line. Don’t get yourself in trouble. Just take it for what it is….a neighbor who likes to be an exhibitionist.
Oh and one more thing, if you are married, TELL YOUR WIFE about the situation! Eventually your wife WILL spot the neighbor and she will know that you have been seeing her naked ass. Avoid the trouble and come clean right up front with her.
Consider yourself the luckiest man on the planet. My neighbor is built like a gorilla and likes to wear spandex.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Ok. I need guidance.
I live in high end apartment complex. Asians live above me.
I have called police 4 times to check on woman upstairs.
They always say she is fine and think I am the weird one.
The man beats her, throws her rapes her and she cries and yells help. I have finally realized one woman answers the door but the couple hides and stays in bedroom. I hear them after they leave. Finally I have figured out someone must own nail salon and these girls work for him.
Do I have to mount a camera to see multiple people coming and going. What do I do? Sometimes sessions of abuse last for hours.

Dear CS,
There is nothing more frustrating than knowing something bad is happening, doing your civic duty and calling the police, and then seeing nothing happen. This is an all-too-often occurrence and, unfortunately, sometimes it can be difficult to deal with.
I applaud you for calling the police multiple times, even when nothing seems to be happening. It is possible that law enforcement is actually conducting an investigation into the situation and trying to build a case….but not likely.
If you live in a smaller community where you have access to the Police Chief, then you need to go visit with him and explain the situation to him. Let him know that you will be following up with him regarding this situation. This will get some action taken about 99% of the time.
If you live in a large city, such as Dallas, where you stand about as much chance of getting to speak with the Chief of Police as I do of winning the Miss USA Pageant, then you may need to do something different. In large cities today, and in some smaller communities, Human Trafficking is such a huge problem that they are assigning task forces or other divisions to concentrate on nothing but this problem. It sounds like that’s what may be going on here. You need to find out if your city has something like that and then contact them. They will definitely appreciate the information and will start digging. Keep in mind that it sometimes takes a little time for law enforcement to be able to make arrests, or serve warrants. They have to develop that pesky little thing called “probable cause” and sometimes it can take a lot of work to get enough for a warrant. The more information that you can give the police the better.
Unfortunately, if none of this works, then you need to contact the local media. Get in touch with a local Investigative Reporter. They love reporting on law enforcement not doing their jobs.
Whatever you do, do not stop fighting to get something done. You may just save the lives of multiple women. Keep me updated please, and God Bless you for working to help these women.

Dear Ask A Cop,
I have an antique Ford pickup that I drive around sometimes. The truck only has 2 seat belts, one for the driver and one for the passenger. I have several grand kids that sometimes ride with me and I am worried about getting a ticket because the one sitting in the middle seat is not buckled up. Do you think an officer would give me a break if I get stopped since there is not a seat belt installed there?
Frank in Denton

Dear Frank,
You are good to go sir. You cannot be given a ticket if the vehicle does not have seat belts factory installed. Thanks for writing.

Dear Ask A Cop,
How do you feel about police officers running well over the speed limit when not on a call but issuing citations for the exact same offense if they catch civilians doing it?
Also if they are not on a call how do you feel about police officers making unsafe decisions; for example passing on the shoulder at 80+ miles an hour and giving little regard to the public safety?
Witnessed in mesquite TX
John W

Dear John W,
First question………….There are sometimes reasons for cops to run at excessive speeds without their emergency equipment activated, such as responding to a burglary in progress. You don’t want to tip the bad guy off that you are coming and it is against most department policies to run with your emergency lights on without the siren. This, however, does not excuse them from driving as safely as possible.
With that being said, cops should be held to the exact same traffic laws as everyone else when not responding to an in-progress call.
Second question…………..The same answer applies to this question.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Why are police reports almost always filled with lies?

Dear AB,
Because we just like to do screw with morons.

Because if we put the truth in them, then they are boring.
Because we have to spice them up a bit.
And because it’s fun to mess with dumb-asses who think just because the facts don’t make them look good, that the cops are lying.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Can an officer search a locked box that is inside a car if the driver refuses their request to search it?
I was pulled over for a broken headlight and the cop asked if she could search my car. I said sure and she searched everywhere and didn’t find anything (just like I told her she wouldn’t). I’ve never been in trouble, I don’t use drugs or smoke weed so I wasn’t worried about anything.
My best friend had left a small shoe box size, lock-box in the back floorboard from the night before. She asked me if she could open it and I said it wasn’t mine. She told me since I was driving the car then I could give her permission to open it. I had no clue what was in that thing, and by now I was getting pissed off because it was taking so long and I wasn’t doing anything wrong. When she asked again I told her that I would rather she not open it and just give me my ticket and allow me to leave.
Instead, she took a pocketknife out and pried the lid open a little bit and started smelling it to see of she could smell anything, probably dope I guess. When she finished prying it open, she then tried to bend it back a little, but she obviously bent the lid. I am pretty pissed off about the whole thing now that I’ve had time to think about it more.
Is it legal to do what she did? If I file a complaint against the officer, what, if anything, will they do to her?

Getting Mad in Kaufman

Dear Getting Mad,
The answer to your question is NO, she cannot do that. She conducted an illegal search of the box when she forcefully pried the box open and yes, she was trying to see if the box held weed or meth.
If she would have smelled anything and arrested you, your case would have been dismissed by the prosecutor’s office, or the court if it actually got that far.
Now, that would not change the fact that you would have been handcuffed, your car impounded, spent several hours or days in jail, and the money you would have spent taking car of all of that.
As far as what you should do; you should file a complaint against the officer at the police department. Ask to review the recording of the traffic stop with a commanding officer.
I HATE to tell people to file a complaint against an officer, but in this case, she needs to be set straight that what she is doing is not right, before she ends up in a civil suit. Also, it would prevent other people like yourself from having to go through the same thing.

As for what will happen to the officer, there is no way of knowing that. In some of these departments you get fired for farting in the break room and in others you can repeatedly violate citizens’ rights and get promoted to Sergeant. Do not concern yourself with that aspect of it. You may actually be saving the officer’s career by getting her educated.

Dear Ask A Cop,
What do you do to relax, or do you have any hobbies that you like to do to combat all the negative things you guys face?
Just Curious in Sunnyvale

Dear Curious,
Believe me, if you wear a badge for a living, you must have something to take your mind off of the job, at least for a little while. My favorite hobby is collecting shoulder patches from law enforcement agencies around the world. I am currently working on getting a patch from every agency in Texas….more than 3300 of them. I am about halfway there so far (much to my wife’s dismay!).

Dear Ask A Cop,
What is your take on the Dallas County District Attorney’s recently released memo in which he states that he will no longer prosecute certain crimes?
Sue in Dallas

Dear Sue,
I think the sorry piece of shit should be locked up in place of all the criminals he is letting walk free. Make no mistake about it, this is just the beginning. Criminals now officially have more rights than crime victims. You can read my blog post about it here.

Dear Ask A Cop,
As a child of law enforcement parents, I noticed days that my parents were distraught or generally upset at things that happened on the job. How has the job affected you or other colleagues, and how do you deal with the stress of the daily duties and the multiple personalities that you encounter?
Son of Cops

Dear Son of Cops,
This is an issue that is finally coming to the forefront of society and is starting to open peoples’ eyes to the damage that a career in Law Enforcement causes to those who serve for any length of time. Stress related illnesses, heart-attacks, depression, anxiety, and PTSD are just some of the devastating effects this career is having on a large majority of Officers.

People think that cops are super-human, that they are just robots that aren’t affected by what they witness day in and day out, but the truth is starting to show it’s ugly head in numbers that are mind-blowing.
According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, there have been 32 Peace Officers killed in the line of duty so far in 2019. That sounds insane correct?
But what is even more horrible is that 59 current or former Peace Officers have committed suicide so far this year, and those are only the ones that have been verified! Officers are killing themselves at an almost 2 to 1 pace and something has got to be done about it, and done fast.
I wrote an article awhile back that was printed in American Police Beat Magazine, as well as on the Law Enforcement Today Website. Take a few minutes to read it
here and you will see why I am so passionate about this subject.
Thank you for your parents service, as well as your family’s sacrifices in order for them to be able to do this job.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Are there any laws that you did not believe in, but you enforced them anyway? My husband is a Police Officer and he is struggling with this right now.
Married to a Badge

Dear Married,
Absolutely. There are always situations that Officers find themselves in where they do not believe the law is right, but we swore an oath to uphold the law. We didn’t swear to uphold only those laws that we agree with.
One perfect example for me is the Seat Belt Law. I believe that seat belts save many, many lives, however, I do not believe it is the government’s place to order people to wear one if they don’t want to. There were times when I had to write tickets for seat-belt violations, due to one reason or another, but I never liked to do so. I am strictly talking about adults here, not children. Children cannot take care of themselves and sometimes parents must be forced to do what is right for their kids. Children should ALWAYS be buckled up.
Tell your husband to reflect back on his oath of office, remember his feelings the day he held up his right hand and swore to uphold the laws of this state. Tell him to remember why he wanted to wear a badge. He will come to the right decision.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Who was the meanest person you ever met as an officer?
Chan in Madisonville

Dear Chan,
My wife.

Dear Ask A Cop,
What are some of the shenanigans that peace officers and communication officers have to deal with?

Dear JW,
Brother if you can think it up, we have dealt with it! Cops and Dispatchers love playing pranks on one another and aggravating the piss out of each other. From cops running the plates of a Dispatcher’s car…..while they are dispatching, to Dispatchers sending Cops to fake calls, it happens all the time. Cops, by far, are harder on other cops though. A few good times I can remember right off the top;

  • When me and my partner broke into the Lieutenants office and completely turned his desk around facing the back wall.
  • The time some guys went over to a cranky Sergeant’s house and stole all the tires off of his car while he was inside his house eating lunch.
  • One time an Officer hid in the trunk of his own squad car and then got on the radio and asked his Sergeant to go get his clipboard out of the trunk for him. When the Sergeant went to open the trunk the Officer jumped out screaming……The Sergeant damn near died of a heart-attack.
  • Or the time I hid a handheld radio under the seat of my Sergeant’s squad and put it on our car-to-car only channel. I waited until he was driving down the road and then started talking shit to him every now and then. That went on for awhile before he finally figured out where the voice was coming from!
  • And then there was the time someone packed the Sergeant’s sun-visor with shredded paper. It wasn’t long before the Sergeants came back in the station mad as hell and threatening to kill someone if all that damn paper wasn’t cleaned up out of his car!! LMAO! Good Times!


Dear Ask A Cop,
My sister has warrants out for her arrest. I know one is for assaulting another woman and I think the other one is for stealing some stuff. Our brother is hiding her out in my elderly mother’s home because the police are showing up at every place she hangs out. I do not want her at my mom’s house because I know she is going to steal my mother blind, but my brother will not listen to me (he’s had his own issues with the law). I was at my mom’s house the other day and was looking for a diamond necklace that she has for her to wear for Easter, but it is nowhere to be found. I am sure my sister took it because it is valuable. How can I get my sister out of there before she steals everything my mother has?
Angry in Midlothian

Dear Angry,
This is a very simple way to get rid of your thieving-ass sister, and I think you know what it is. Just call your local Crime Stoppers and tell them where she is. Make sure you are there to let them in when they show up. They will not go in without proof that she is there at that time, or unless someone allows them come in to look for her. When she gets pissy, and she will, just tell her that you are not going to go to jail for her sorry ass. She will get over it.
While she is locked up, take all of your mother’s valuables and put them in a safety deposit box at the bank. Do not put them at your house, because she may get desperate and break into your house to steal them from you.
Check your local pawn shops, you may find the missing item there.

Dear Ask A Cop,
What is the weirdest or most miraculous thing you have ever witnessed during your police career?
Jonathan from Kaufman

Dear Jonathan,
Over a 22 year career you see a lot of things that you believe are miraculous, and definitely a lot of things that you think are weird as hell, so narrowing this down to just one is impossible. I do have a couple that come to mind right off though.
One of the most miraculous things I ever saw was when I responded to a bad wreck on the highway, which involved a vehicle that had flipped over a couple of times. When I got there a woman was still stuck in her car which was upside-down. When I finally calmed her down enough to understand her, she was screaming that her baby was somewhere in the car. Cue pucker-factor 10.
I started looking for the baby, and it just wasn’t there…..anywhere. Now sometimes, women who suffer trauma will believe that their children are with them……it’s something that is just inside a mother, and something I had experienced several times before.

After searching every crack and crevice of what was left of that car, I started thinking maybe she was mistaken and the baby was not with her, but then, something made me start walking and looking down the road in the dark. About 75 feet down the road, I saw a baby car seat laying in the middle of the road upside-down. My heart fell to my ankles and the last thing I ever wanted to do was flip that car seat over.
I ran to the hunk of plastic and, reluctantly, picked it up and turned it over. There, strapped in the seat, looking at me with big, wide eyes was a baby girl. She had a scratch on her forehead, but that was it. She was perfectly fine. Now, I’m going to tell on myself here……..I started balling like that baby should have been doing.

Mom and baby both ended up being okay, mom was pretty banged up but she recovered completely. This was one of those calls where you don’t question anything, or try and figure out how it happened like it did, you just accept the fact that the Lord caught that baby in the air and eased her to the ground.
As far as the weirdest thing I ever encountered……geesh, there are SO many! I would say one of the weirdest things was the truck I stopped on the highway with three guys in it. Two were in the front seat, just two normal guys. The third was in the backseat of the truck, naked, and tied up with rope…………………………. Yep.
After everything was straightened out, it seems that they were attending a weekend gay-club bash down at Cedar Creek Lake to celebrate the “hostage’s” promotion. A bunch of the party attendees had decided to head back to Dallas to continue the party and Mr. Hostage had said something about going home and resting. Not wanting the party to end, they had stripped Mr. Hostage of his clothes, tied him up, and were taking him back to the club to finish celebrating.
After ensuring that everything was as they said, I told them to get the hell out of town before I left shaking my head wondering “why me”.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Of all of the years taking “bad guys” to jail, how are you able to not pay attention to the criminals in the back seat talking to you, and what is your most memorable experience with these “backseat drivers?” Ever had to “accidentally” hard brake before?
JW in Waxahachie

Dear JW,
Ahhh, the backseat jailhouse lawyers…….yeah, some of them love to run their mouths with all kinds of vulgar things, threats, and my all-time favorite, what they would do if they didn’t have those cuffs on. You gotta love them.
You see JW, here is the thing….They had their chance when they got arrested. They were not in handcuffs then. They had the opportunity to follow through with their threats. But 99% of the time they wait until they are in handcuffs and in the backseat of the squad before they start their macho acts because they know they are protected. The trash they spew doesn’t affect most Officers because we know we have already won! They are going to jail, and we are going to Ihop for a Rooty-Tooty, Fresh-and-Fruity breakfast.

As far as brake-checking a mouthy prisoner, I would NEVER do that on purpose. Sometimes it did happen, but it wasn’t on purpose……..sometimes a butterfly would flap in front of the car and I would have to slam on the brakes to keep from hitting it, or I would see a crack in the road that I didn’t want to hit while going very fast, you know, to protect the prisoner, so I would have to slam on the brakes. But never on purpose. That would just be wrong.

Dear Ask A Cop,
I have a coworker who is great in every way, except she stinks! She smells horrible with body odor. I think she may be one of those people that doesn’t believe in using deodorant, I’m not sure, but it has gotten to the point that I cannot stand to sit next to her. I have dropped hints hoping she would get the message but it hasn’t worked and I am not the type of person to just come out and say something like that to people. Any suggestions?
Holding My Nose In Ennis, Texas

Dear Holding My Nose,
Some people just do not understand subtle messages girl. Sometimes, ya just gotta tell it like it is. Get her alone away from everyone and just tell her, “Baby you need to wash your ass”. Before you do this, swing by the store and grab a can of deodorant, a bottle of cheap perfume, and some Spring Time Blossom scented hoochie-water to introduce her to Mrs. Massengill, and hand them to her. Then just walk away.
One of two things is going to happen. She will get the message and start washing the funk off of her before coming to work, or she will just keep on stinking and never speak to you again……….either way you win!

Dear Ask A Cop,
My question is, could you give me examples of how someone can be arrested for a DWI, and they were not pulled over! If they were not driving is that not public intox???
Clair in Garland

Dear Clair,
In order to be charged with Driving While Intoxicated a person must be operating a vehicle, on a public street, and be intoxicated. The most common way of being arrested and charged with DWI is to be stopped by a cop while you are driving. However, there are other ways as well.
Let’s say an Officer is dispatched to a wreck. One of the drivers is seriously injured and is transported to a hospital. The Officer can request that blood is checked for the alcohol concentration level, or he can subpoena the medical records later. A few weeks later the blood tests come back and the guy was legally intoxicated. A warrant is issued and the guy may not be arrested for 6 months, but eventually he will go to jail and be charged with DWI.

In some places, if you are found passed out behind the wheel of a car, or are found sitting behind the wheel of the car and the car is running, you can be charged with DWI. This, of course, depends on a lot of factors; was the car sitting on a public roadway, was the car in gear, are there witnesses that will testify that they saw him driving, etc.
I arrested a woman once when I found an abandoned vehicle, still running with the keys in the ignition, on the side of the highway. The vehicle was located about a mile from the nearest residence or business. I drove down the highway looking for the driver and found a woman stumbling down the road drunk off her ass. The car was registered to her and she lived about 30 miles away. I hooked her up for DWI and was able to articulate that there was nobody else who could have been driving the vehicle. She was convicted.
So, yes, a person can go to jail and be charged with DWI, even if they are found not driving the vehicle under certain circumstances. It basically comes down to whether or not the prosecution can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person had been driving the car while intoxicated.

Dear Ask A Cop,
I got stopped last week at midnight and got arrested for a quarter-bag of weed that I forgot was sitting on my floorboard. The cop illegally searched my truck because he says it was in “plain-view”, but there was no way he could have seen it because it was too dark. I am preparing my case for court because I’m fighting this case. My question is, how far can the average cop see in the dark anyway?
Jeff from Midland

Dear Jeff,
I can see the moon, how far is that?

(an oldie but a goodie)

Dear Ask A Cop,
The other night I had to call the police on my neighbor because of his loud music. It was 9:00 p.m. and my kid was trying to sleep, as were my wife and I. I have talked to the guy several times to no avail, and this time I was just fed up. We live in a small town in North Texas and I have never had a problem with our local police. They have always been professional and courteous, so you can imagine my surprise when the young Officer that showed up told me I should “chill out a little” because it was “only 9 o’clock”.
I was speechless! Then got so mad that I stayed awake all night fuming about it. I called to complain to the Officer’s Sergeant 2 days ago, however, he was out of the office. I left a message for him to contact me but I have not received a return phone call. I am still angry about this situation. What do you think I should do, pursue a complaint, or drop it and chalk it up to a bad day?
Still Mad as Hell

Dear Still Mad,
Drop it and chalk it up to a bad day? Hell no!
That Officer was out of line and needs to be put back in his place. This Officer needs to be made to understand that his duty is to enforce the law at all times, not just when he thinks it’s a good time to do so.

If that little prick had told me to “chill out”, he would have seen the error of his ways real fast. I would have chewed his ass up one side and down the other.
You need to go to the police department and demand to speak to someone on the Command Staff, be it the Chief, a Captain, or a Lieutenant. Then tell them you wish to file a complaint against the Officer AND his Sergeant for not returning your call. Don’t worry, nobody will lose their job over this, but hopefully they will be put back in check.
It makes me furious when people let Sergeants get away with not doing their job. This is the single biggest problem inside smaller departments. Supervisors are not held accountable and that is when things go to shit! I speak from first hand experience, so you can bet your buttermilk biscuits I know what I’m talking about.

Small agencies are really bad about getting too “comfortable” just doing what they want and not what they are supposed to be doing. It happens, but if people allow it to continue to happen, it will only get a lot worse.
It is up to the citizens to demand professionalism from their law enforcement agencies. If you just let this incident slide, then you have no right to gripe about it in the future.

Dear Ask A Cop,
I read with interest your answer to “Porterhouse” about how one cannot go to jail for speeding in Texas. My son was arrested and taken to jail by a small agency in the Dallas area and charged with “Reckless Driving”. My son admitted that he was driving a little over 100 mph, but swears he was not doing anything else that could be construed as “reckless”.
So my question is this…..At what point does simple speeding become reckless driving? At what point can a cop decide that instead of charging someone with speeding, he will just jack up the charge to reckless driving and haul them off to jail like this one did to my son? This seems very unfair to me and when I tried to talk to the cop, he was very rude.
Julie in (DFW)

Dear Julie,
First, let’s address the real issue at hand…..your son was driving over 100 MPH and you think his arrest seems “unfair”? Really? How unfair would it have been for the mother of the child that your son could have easily killed because he was acting like a dumb-ass? How unfair would it have been for you when you had to bury your son because he wanted to act like a damned idiot on the roadway? How unfair is it that you are angry with the cop that probably saved your brats life by locking him up, so that MAYBE he learns a lesson? A lesson that I’m sure he is not going to get from you, because you obviously are not making him take responsibility for HIS actions. You are teaching him to blame someone else for his criminal behavior, and yes his behavior was criminal.
Now to answer your question. The law gives police officers a very powerful tool, which they must have in order to do their job. That tool is called “discretionary power”. Basically the officer has the authority to use his discretion while doing his job. Without knowing all of the details of the situation involving your son, I would venture to say that the officer put that tool to use in this case.
Police officers must take into account all of the facts, and all of the circumstances that are involved when enforcing the law. What might be “speeding” in one instance, may be “reckless driving” in another. For example;
Little Timmy is driving 75 mph on the highway. There is not a lot of traffic and the speed limit is 65 mph. This would be the offense of “Speeding”. Now lets change the circumstances a little;
Little Timmy is driving 75 mph on a residential neighborhood street where the speed limit is 30 mph. It is after school and there are kids playing in the neighborhood. Any cop in the world can articulate a charge of “Reckless Driving” in this case. Understand?
Now Julie, stop bitching about the cop who was doing his job, and doing it correctly, and go take your lead-footed son’s car keys away from him until he finds the ability to utilize common sense. Then you might want to hug him tight and be thankful that he is still with you after driving like that.

Dear Ask A Cop,
You guys are always responding to disturbances and arguments between spouses so I consider y’all to be the go-to experts for relationship advice. With that being said, here is my dilemma.
I have been dating this hot girl for about 4 months. She is drop-dead gorgeous from her head to her ankles. She is funny, generous, and even cooks pretty well. But……………………she has some horrible looking feet! I have never seen feet as ugly as hers.
Now I’m not one of these guys that have a foot fetish, but when we are hanging out and she takes off her shoes I find myself wanting to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. What should I do?
Scared of the Feet in Forney

Dear Scared,
I would normally tell a young man like yourself to get real and understand that every woman is going to have at least one or two faults, and that they should get over it and move on. BUT….a girl with some crooked ass sausage looking toes is something no man should have to endure….RUN! Run and do not look back.
You see, here is the thing. Women are always wanting to put their feet on you. I don’t know why, no man does, but it is bred into the female sex to always put their damned ice-cold, crusty toe having feet all up on you and if those feet look like they have been run through a meat grinder, well that’s just not something a man should have to tolerate.
You will find another girl, just make sure it’s not a relative of this one because that shit’s hereditary. If there is ever any doubt, just buy her some new flip-flops and that way you will get a good look at them. If you see some old cracked-leather lookin paws with toe-jam filled crevices simply excuse yourself to the restroom and climb out the damn window!

Dear Ask A Cop,
I am new to the State of Texas and a coworker recently told me that there is only one law violation that you cannot be arrested for and that is Speeding. Is he correct? I say he’s wrong and a steak dinner rides on this.
Porterhouse Awaits

Dear Porterhouse,
Are you going to make him cook you that steak or make him take you to one of our area’s amazing steak houses? Either way, you win my friend.
It is true that you cannot go to jail for violating the speed limit, however, a few years ago the State of Texas passed the “Open Container” law, which states that you cannot have an open container of alcoholic beverage inside your vehicle while it is being driven. You cannot go to jail for violating that one either.

Dear Ask A Cop,
When are the cops going to start stopping all these women who put on makeup while driving? This is dangerous and it needs to be stopped!
Can’t Text but can Mary Kay!

Dear Makeup Hater,
You would have a better chance of ending world hunger than to stop women from putting on makeup……anytime or anywhere.

Dear Ask A Cop,
What is the speed limit in a neighborhood if there is no speed limit sign? Our neighborhood doesn’t have a single speed limit sign posted anywhere which makes some of the people who live in the area think it’s okay to drive as fast as they want. One neighbor told me that the police cannot write a speeding ticket if there is not a sign posted. I find this hard to believe.
Thank You,
AH in Ft. Worth

Dear AH,
In areas where there is no posted speed limit, the default speed limit is 30 mph. Yes, your neighbor, and anyone else, can be written a speeding ticket in that area. Contact your city’s street department, or your local commissioner and request that signs be posted. They may not even know that they are missing.

Dear Ask A Cop,
I’ve been an Officer for about 2 years and am having doubts about why I am doing this job. I became a cop because of the excitement and to be in the middle of the action but it seems like all I do is settle dumb arguments and tell people to stop their dog from barking. When I’m not doing those menial jobs I am doing paperwork. Where is all of the action and actual police work?
Having Doubts in Devil’s Creek

Dear Having Doubts,
Here’s what you need to do brother. Gather up all of your equipment and uniforms, go straight to your Chief’s office and turn it all in, along with your resignation. Do not give a 2 weeks notice, quit TODAY!
You are in the wrong line of work and you are either going to get yourself killed, one of your partners killed, or at the very least you’re going to get yourself thrown in prison.
You are not wearing the badge for the right reasons and unfortunately, you can’t suddenly change and understand the right reasons for doing this work. Officers like you are the ones that are seen on the evening news with the sad looking mugshots. But don’t feel bad, it’s not your fault. Some people are just not made for this career.
Those “Menial” calls that you mentioned, those are the important calls. Those are the calls where Officers have a chance to make an impact in their communities. Those are the calls where Officers have a chance to mend the rifts between neighbors, make them see eye-to-eye and see the situation from the other’s point of view. Are they exciting, probably not, but they are important. The exciting stuff comes when you least expect it. It’s not very often, not predictable, and not always fun.

That’s the incredibly hard part, hardly ever seeing the fast, dangerous, violent stuff but still being prepared to act and recall your training at the drop of a hat. Picture a brain surgeon that goes to school, learns how to perform incredibly dangerous surgery, and then sits and waits for weeks at a time with no patients and then suddenly gets called in to save someone’s life. It’s the exact same thing. If either one of us is not prepared then someone can die.
Good luck with your next job,

Dear Ask A Cop,
Do you think retired officers from large metropolitan departments make effective police chiefs for smaller departments?
Asking for a friend

Dear Asking,
Let me tell you what I think retired officers from large metropolitan departments should do when they retire (At least the ones that I am familiar with). They need to take their holier-than-thou attitudes and shove them up their pompous asses. They need to go find a small country somewhere in the world and satisfy their “King of the World” fantasies.
Most of the retired big-city cops that I have ever had knowledge of think that they are taking over a keystone cop, back country, hillbilly, inbred organization that doesn’t know how to work a set of handcuffs, when the truth of the matter is, they will never be the cop that small-town Officers are.

Small town cops must do it all. They must learn every aspect of the job and be prepared to utilize that knowledge at any given time. Big city badge wearers arrive at a scene, put up some crime scene tape and wait for the photography division to show up and snap pictures. Then they wait for the Forensics division to show up and process the scene. Then they wait for the Detectives to show up and look over everything. Then they roll up their tape and head to the next call. A damned peg-legged, one-eyed monkey can do that much!!
Now I’m not trying to run down big city cops because the job in itself is dangerous work and they serve a noble purpose. I am merely telling you why they need to keep their asses in the big city and stay the hell away from small town agencies when they retire. They think they know everything there is to know about police work and these hillbilly cops don’t know anything. When they are proven wrong time and time again, they get pissy and start dismantling great departments until they only have numb-nut idiots working under them so that they can feel superior
in their new kingdom.
It has happened time and time again. Are there any big-city retirees that make good Police Chiefs in small town departments? Absolutely. But they are few and far between!

Dear Ask A Cop,
Why is it that when a person is pulled over for a traffic infraction that sometimes a cop comes at you with 20 questions and it seems that he is trying to solve the Lindberg Baby case and then writes you three tickets. Then other times they say oh I was just trying to figure out why you were going so fast, is there some emergency? Just a verbal warning be safe no ticket.
What is up?

Dear What is up,
What people must understand, and most of them do not, is that a traffic stop is a “Criminal Investigation”. Like every other investigation, questions must be asked, the circumstances must be analyzed, and every small piece of information plays a role in what action that the Officer ultimately takes. Many things play into whether or not a cop writes a citation or gives a warning. Everything from the driver’s history to the infraction observed, the driver’s attitude to the conditions of the roadway plays a part in the decision making process.
The best way to deal with those asshole traffic cops is not to get stopped in the first place! Drive safe.

Dear Ask A Cop,
What is your opinion on the dropping of all charges and the wiping clean of Jussie Smollett’s record of all 16 charges?
JM in Jacksonville, FL.

Dear JM,
I have put my opinions about this slap in the face to the American people in my latest blog post. You can read it on the blog page.
The American people, and I mean ALL American people should be outraged at this blatant, and outright brother-in-law deal, that is nothing more than a kick in the nuts to every citizen of this country. If this had been a White Male, we would be seeing riots in the streets of Chicago as I write this, and anyone that doesn’t believe that is just ignorant.
The LBGQ community should be mad as hell. The Black community should be mad as hell. The Bar Associations of America should be mad as hell. EVERYBODY should be mad as hell! So I ask you………Where are they? Sure has been quiet out there so far.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Do cops really always eat donuts and coffee? What is a normal breakfast for a cop?

Dear Cassidy,
Of course cops eat donuts! Have ever met anyone that did not eat donuts every once and awhile? If you do, get away from them because they are not right in the head. Cops have one of the worst diets of any profession out there. Too much fast food, junk food, and snacks. Mostly because they end up eating on the run a lot of the time.
I am somewhat of an anomaly in law enforcement. I have never smoked or drank coffee. Unheard of in most law enforcement circles. My weakness was always Dr. Pepper, which by the way, is actually not a healthy drink like most Texans believe it is. I know, I was shocked too!
Breakfast for cops usually ends up being at a Denny’s or another quick-service place. In my case, it was usually a breakfast burrito from Little Mexico in Kaufman, Texas, which are the absolute BEST breakfast burritos in the country!

Dear Ask A Cop,
Do you have to answer truthfully if I ask if you’re a cop?
Jeff in Florida

Dear Jeff,
If an Officer is working undercover he can lie just as much as anybody else can. If a simple question was all it took to unmask an undercover cop then cases would never get made. The same goes for when Officers are interrogating suspects. They can lie like a rug to the bad guy, but they do have to be careful. When interrogating a suspect, the Officer must keep in mind the case he/she is building and not lie about anything that may damage that case.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Has there been anyone that you have had “in custody” that just kept mouthing and really PUSHED YOUR BUTTONS? If so, how did you react?
DT in WP

Dear DT,
There is always that one mouthy piece of crap that insists on pushing you until they get a reaction out of you. What the low IQ bottom-dwellers fail to understand is that cops have a lot more power to make their life a living hell than they ever will know.
You see, we might know the judge goes a lot harder on disrespectful assholes, than he does on those that simply go to jail and take their punishment for what they did. So we may have to let the judge know about the mouthy idiot. Sometimes we may send a message to the Arraignment Judge that we request a “higher-than-normal” bond. Oh sure, if the bond is set too high, it may get reduced at a preliminary hearing….in about 3-5 weeks, but by then our point has been made.
There are so many ways an Officer can legally make it hard on people. 99% of the time, even if someone is an asshole, cops just file the report and go on about their business because we understand that nobody likes going to jail. But there is always that one, that one that just can’t let it go, that one who has to take it too far, and for him, life can really suck!
For me, the one I remember is a coward who beat the hell out of his 5 year old daughter with his fists. All I’m going to say about him is he will probably be sitting down to pee for the rest of his life.

Dear Ask A Cop,
My 16 year old niece got her driver license but she did not take the driving test yet and the lady at dmv told us it was only a permit. She had to have someone 21 are over in order for her to drive, but her boyfriend has the same driver’s license and has gotten stopped by a Kaufman PD she tells me several times and nothing was said about it. So my question is why nothing was said are a ticket was not given. Are they able to drive by themselve with only a permit. I know it’s a long question.

Dear Hershey,
The world of teenage driving is a wonderful time in the child’s life, and a terrifying time in every parents life. I have lived through that horrible, horrible time and still have to go through it in the future. Your niece has whats called a “Learner License”, also known as an “Instruction Permit” and yes, until she completes the entire process she must have a licensed driver in the vehicle with her.
There is also the ” Minor Restricted License”, also known as a “Hardship License”. A minor restricted driver license (MRDL) is a hardship license that is issued to eligible teens who establish the necessity to drive. The graduated driver license requirements do not apply to the MRDL, so a teen may get full Texas driving privileges at the age of 15.
The requirements to apply for an MRDL are:

  • You must be at least 15 years old, but not older than 18.
  • You must complete and pass a driver education course, vision test, knowledge test, and driving test.
  • You must meet all other requirements for an original applicant.

You will be issued an MRDL if the DPS determines that:

  • Failure to issue the MRDL will cause an unusual economic hardship for the minor applicant’s family.
  • The MRDL is necessary due to an illness of a family member.
  • The MRDL is necessary because the minor applicant is enrolled in a VOE program and requires the license to participate in the program.

Then there is the “Graduated Driver License”. The graduated driver license (GDL) program is for teen drivers, and consists of 2 phases.

  • Phase 1: In Phase 1, applicants under the age of 18 are required to hold a valid learner license or MRDL for at least 6 months before they may be issued a driver license. The learner license is issued after successful completion of driver training, including Texas drivers ed.
  • Phase 2: Phase 2 places restrictions on license holders under the age of 18 for the first 12 months after they are issued a license. These restrictions include:
    • The individual may not drive with more than 1 passenger under age 21 in the vehicle that is not a family member.
    • The individual may not drive between the hours of midnight and 5:00 a.m. unless it is to or from work/a school-related activity or because of a medical emergency.
    • If the individual is under 18, they are not permitted to use a wireless
      communication device when driving (unless it is an emergency) until they reach age 18.

There is also a “Provisional License”.
Any original license issued to someone under the age of 18, other than a learner license, will have the word “Provisional” printed on it. This type of license expires on the individual’s 18th birthday. Non-commercial driver licenses issued to an individual who is 18 or older will be valid for 6 years. Licensed individuals under the age of 21 will have the words “Under 21” printed on their license.
So as you can see, there are many different types of licenses floating around out there. Your nieces boyfriend may have a different type of license, or may be in a different stage of the process.

Dear Ask A Cop,
How often do people make their situation worse by trying to bribe you? Does it work?
The Bucc

Dear Bucc,
I can honestly say that in 22 years of police work I was never seriously offered anything in return for cutting someone a break. Drunks will sometimes spout off something like “Take all my money just let me go home Ocifer” but they are not in their right mind so most Officers never take it seriously. I say MOST Officers because there is always one out there that is a total prick and wants to hang as many charges as he can on people.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Have you ever given a woman a warning, instead of a ticket, for flashing you?
Kevin in Forney

Dear Kevin,
Well hell yes! I’m a cop, but I am also a red-blooded, American man!

Once after I had been on the force for about 3 or 4 years I was working the night shift and stopped a small sports car for rolling a stop sign. It was about 3 a.m. in the morning and there was nobody on the roads.
When I got up to the car, the driver was the prettiest redhead I have ever seen and she was, let’s say, “very blessed”. She was wearing a very low-cut blouse and when she went to get her Drivers License and turned back towards me, the girls “accidentally” popped out of her top and she took her sweet time stuffing them back in, which was not an easy job.
I got her information and went back and checked her driving history, and to see if she had any warrants, which she didn’t. But I’ll tell you the truth, she could have been wanted for Aggravated Robbery and she would have got a pass that night!

Dear Ask A Cop,
My wife found out I was messing around with this other woman, okay I get it, I messed up, but she threw all of my clothes out in the front yard while I was at work and it was raining. I had this very expensive suede jacket that I had saved up to buy and it was ruined. I think she should have to pay for me to get a new one or she should go to jail. When I called the cops over to inform them of this, the Officer said he would file a report and left without doing anything! How can I get them to do something about my jacket?
John in Jacksonville

Dear John,
Does it hurt being as big a dumb ass as you are? How have you managed to live this long? First of all, you need a good Texas ass-whooping for cheating on your wife to begin with. Second you need another ass-whooping for buying and wearing a suede jacket in the first place pretty boy. And third, you must be from California or some other quack state because if you were from Texas you would know that when you got married, you then only owned half of that jacket. Now in recent years they have changed the laws up a little bit to where one spouse can’t destroy stuff that they both own, but that’s not going to help your dumb ass. If you try to take her to court, her lawyer will simply make sure the case is heard in front of a female judge and then YOU will be buying HER a new jacket and probably a new car to go pick it up in!

Dear Ask A Cop,
Do cops have the same problems at work with someone stealing their lunch out of the fridge, or stealing things out of lockers, like every other company?
Tired of Thieves in Tahoe

Dear ToT in Tahoe,
Here’s the deal with cops. You can walk into almost any Police Department in the country and lay a $100 bill on the lunch room table and it will still be there the next day. BUT, if you leave a flashlight, or a set of handcuffs, or some gloves lying around, you can kiss that stuff goodbye in the blink of an eye!

Dear Ask A Cop,
What’s the fastest you’ve ever gone in a police vehicle?
Need For Speed

Dear Need for Speed,
I once drove 134 mph and if the car would have done 135 I would have done that. I had eaten the enchilada special at a local restaurant and nearly had a nuclear catastrophe in my squad before I made it back to the station!

Dear Ask A Cop,
What is the average starting pay for cops?
Trying to decide in Dallas

Dear Trying,
There are levels of starting pay for a Peace Officer in Texas. Food Stamps, Welfare, and if you get a really good department, Walmart Greeter.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Awhile back my friend and I were stopped by a police officer in east Texas while we were heading to a wedding. When he was coming up to the car he bent down behind my car for a few seconds and then he told me that he stopped me because he just wanted to tell me that my license plate was about to fall off. He didn’t give me a ticket or anything. When I got home, I looked at the license plate on the back of the car and it looked fine to me. One of the screws was a little loose but it wasn’t hanging down. Why did he really stop me?

Hi JS and thanks for writing me.
When the Officer bent down behind your car, I would imagine that he tightened the bolts up as much as he could with his hands. It wouldn’t take but a few seconds and I have done this a few times myself. If you are a hot looking woman, he might have taken the opportunity to tell you about the loose LP to get a better look. Is this wrong…maybe, but cops do it all the time. Consider it a compliment and be thankful you don’t have to go buy a new License Plate.

Hello Ask A Cop,
Why are there so many dirty cops?
Mr. Want to no

Hello, Mr. Want to no,
Why are there so many dumb asses out there who can’t spell? (It would be Mr. Want to “know” Einstein)
There are dirty cops out there just like there are dirty priests, firefighters, pilots, and doctors out there. The simple fact is that news of a dirty cop sells more newspapers and attracts more internet clicks than stories of good cops do. There are 1000 stories of great cops and the things that they do everyday to every 1 story of a cop doing something wrong, but those stories don’t make good controversial headlines, I guess. Now go take an English class.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Why am I always seeing cops pulled up beside each other shootin the shit, do they ever work?

Hello, SFB,
Now don’t tell me………….your initials stand for “SHIT FOR BRAINS” don’t they? You know, I have often been asked this question during my career and it never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of people who are allowed to walk around and interact with other human beings.
IF you have a job, do you ever speak to your coworkers in order to get shit done? Do you ever discuss what needs to happen at work? Do you ever open your damned mouth and try to have an intelligent conversation with the people you work with? Doubting very seriously that you do have a job, allow me to explain. Grown up people who work for a living must communicate with other coworkers for their work to get done properly, safely, and in a reasonable amount of time. And since cops work out of their vehicles, and those vehicles serve as the Officer’s offices, then two of them must pull up next to each other in order to speak to one another, or to exchange paperwork, or to pass equipment to each other, or any number of other things.

Dear Ask A Cop,
My son is about to graduate from high school and says he wants to be a Police Officer. I am absolutely against it because it is so dangerous, but it looks like he is going to go through with his plans to go to the police academy. What advice would you give me to convince him not to do this?
Worried Mom

Hello Worried Mom,
If it were my son, I would kidnap him, tie him up in a closet, and hold him until he changed his mind. Unfortunately, that kind of stuff can get you thrown in jail these days and you could end up being Bertha’s Booty Babe. I get this question quite often and it is actually a very difficult question to answer.
When I became a cop, things were much different. People respected law enforcement officers back then, there simply was not as much hate directed at us. Today, people want to spit on every officer they see simply because they are wearing a uniform and badge.
Law enforcement agencies across the nation are scrambling to find bodies to put into uniforms because younger people take one look at how cops are treated, how low the pay is, and they turn and walk away. It’s just not worth it anymore. So, my honest advice is to try to get your son to spend some time around some cops. Have him participate in a ride-along program for awhile and see if it really is what he thinks it is. If he decides to strap on a duty belt and a badge after that, then there is nothing you can do about it Mom.
Being a cop is not something you just “do”, there must be a desire deep down inside you to be a cop, or should I say a good cop that doesn’t end up in prison. Hopefully, he will figure out if it really is what he wants to do, or if he should go another route, but he has to be the one to do that, you can’t do it for him.

Hey Ask A Cop,
I’ve heard this question directed at cops a lot, but I never hear a reply from them. So why don’t cops go out and chase actual criminals instead of writing tickets to good people and causing them financial hardships just because they are driving a little fast?
Speedster 101

Dear Speedster 101,
I’m not going to answer your question at this time. I will, however, answer it for you after you do what I ask. I want you to go home, get a cool drink, sit by the phone, and wait for someone to call you and tell you that your mom, dad, brother, sister, wife, or child has been killed by a person that was driving too fast. Then call me back and I will answer your question for you.

Dear Ask A Cop,
What is the craziest thing you have ever seen as a police officer?
Just Curious

Hi Just Curious,
You would be surprised at the things people can, and will, do. I have seen so many crazy things that it would be impossible to select just one as “The Craziest” but here are a few……One of the craziest things that I encountered during my career was when we were recovering a body that had been sitting in the heat for a while, and when we went to lift the body into the body bag the head fell off and rolled about 5 feet away. Another was when I was dispatched to a disturbance in an apartment complex, except it wasn’t really a “disturbance”. It was a woman pleasuring herself with a toy that looked like it should be used to plug up an elephant! And then there was the time I responded to a vehicle crash and the cab of the truck was sitting about 200 feet from the frame of the truck and the driver was still sitting in the driver’s seat. He was so drunk he didn’t even know his truck was now in 2 pieces.

Dear Ask A Cop,
I have a boyfriend who is currently in the police academy. We have been together for 3 years and he is a pretty good guy except for the fact that he has cheated on me before. We broke up but then got back together when I got very lonely and he promised to never see her or talk to her again. I’m not completely sure that he will keep his promise, but I believe in giving people a second chance. Now for the reason I am writing you; I have read that law enforcement has one of the highest divorce rates of any profession and that most of the time (86% according to one article) it’s because so many girls are attracted to men with badges and the men eventually give in. This, along with our history, has me trying to decide whether to continue the relationship, or cut my losses now and get on with my life. What should I do?
Confused in Ft. Worth

Dear Confused in Ft. Worth,
Get your scissors out and cut your losses now! If he has already cheated on you once, then there is no way he will suddenly become dedicated enough to you to resist the (very much available) women that he will be encountering every day of his career. We always give a certain line of advice to every recruit and that is “That badge will get you pu$$y, but that pu$$y will get that badge” and they NEVER listen! I can count on one hand the number of cops that I know who have not been divorced at least once. Leave and leave now, then go find you a nice computer nerd that you can trust.

Dear Ask A Cop,
I have never had a good experience with a cop. I think they are all power-hungry assholes who get off on (screwing) with people. I don’t have a question I just wanted to speak my mind.
Can’t stand cops

Dear Can’t Stand Cops,
Go back to the fire station and play some pool asshole.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Does it do any good to file a complaint against a police officer if I think they were very rude and out of line, or does it get thrown in the trash as soon as I leave?
Angry in Hurst

Dear Angry in Hurst,
No, the Complaint Forms are not thrown in the trash….ever. In most departments, they are first reviewed by the officer’s Sergeant and then passed along up the chain-of-command to a Lieutenant or Captain who then decides what kind of investigation will be assigned to handle the complaint. There are usually 2 types of investigations, A “First-Line Supervisor” Investigation, and an “Internal Affairs” Investigation.
In a “First-Line” investigation the complaint is sent back to the officer’s immediate supervisor, usually his/her Sergeant, to be handled by them. This kind of investigation will result in a “Verbal Warning”, a “Written Warning”, or the officer is cleared of any wrong doing. These warnings usually go in the officer’s personnel file and can sometimes be removed from their file after 6 months or a year, depending on department policy, provided there are no more violations by that officer.
In an “Internal Affairs” investigation, the results of the investigation can result in everything up to, and including, termination from the force if the complaint is sustained.
Be advised though, it is against the law to lie on a complaint form, which is considered a government document by the State of Texas. But not to worry……I found many people that had lied on complaint forms during my career, but there was never a Chief with the balls enough to let me file on them for fear of bad publicity.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Who decides how much the fines will be for traffic tickets, the judge, or the police department?
Pissed Off Driver

Dear Pissed Off Driver,
If you don’t like to pay a lot of money for tickets then slow your ass down, it’s really not that hard to figure out. Standard, or “set”, fines, in most cities, are decided on by the Municipal Court and its judge.
You might be surprised to know that most cities do not set their fines at the maximum amount of $500. This way it gives the judges room to move up or down, depending on the violators history and attitude.

Hey Ask A Cop,
What is the most dangerous part of being a cop?
JB in Austin

Dear JB in Austin,
That is a very hard question to answer, but I would say the most dangerous part of being a cop is the unpredictability and limitless boundaries for evil of human beings.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Do you think marijuana should be legal in Texas?
On the Fence

Dear On the Fence,
I think medicinal marijuana should absolutely be legalized, not only in Texas, but in the entire country and the reason is simple….it has been scientifically proven to help people with certain health problems. As for recreational marijuana, I do not believe that it should be legalized. It is a drug. It is abused and it alters the way people think and behave in a negative manner. I have seen the destruction that marijuana abuse has caused up close, and I am against it. There are many people out there who disagree with me and will get all pissy, but you asked what I think, not them.

Dear Ask A Cop,
I am a cop from New Hampshire and will be moving to Texas this summer due to my wife’s job. I know I have to take the state certification test but I was told that there is a ton of other stuff I must do. Can you point me in the right direction?
Yankee coming to Texas

Dear Yankee coming to Texas,
First of all……NEVER announce that you are a yankee coming to Texas! People will set up an ambush at the state line for you!
Second, yes there are several things that you must do to become a Texas Certified Peace Officer. I have included a link that will take you right where you need to be. Yankee or not, we are still “Brothers in Blue” so I wish you nothing but the best of luck.

Dear Ask A Cop,
First, let me say my neighbor is a total asshole! He is always letting his dog crap in my yard and I have asked him to stop several times. I think he is now actually doing it more than ever since I asked him to stop. I called the city’s Animal Control Department but all they would say is to call them the next time the dog is doing his business in my yard because they must catch him “in the act” in order to issue a citation to the jerk. Is there anything else I can do to put a stop to this, they are leaving brown spots in my yard.
Sick of the Crap

Dear Sick of the Crap,
This argument between neighbors has been going on as long as people have lived next door to each other. Now, there are some things you can do which I cannot recommend, such as:
Collect all the dog’s crap in a trash bag and then place said trash bag on the neighbors’ porch and set it on fire. That would definitely send a message but might also send the boys on the shiny red trucks and then they would call the boys in blue and it probably wouldn’t end well for you.
Or, you could build yourself a catapult and load said dog’s crap in it and fling it back over to him but with the price of lumber these days that might get expensive pretty quick, and it is hard to sell a second hand catapult so you would be stuck with it in your garage.

No, I think the best thing to do is to record the animal dropping the boys off in your pool, er, yard, and provide that to the authorities who could then issue a citation to said asshole. Oh and be sure to collect a sample of Cujo’s doo-doo and store it in your freezer next to your pork chops in case they need to send it off for DNA before the trial!

Dear Ask A Cop,
Why are cops such gun freaks? It seems like all they ever talk about are guns, their collection of guns, their new guns, their old guns, guns guns guns! It seems to me they should be talking more about the laws they are supposed to be enforcing more than their guns.
Just my opinion

Dear Just My Opinion,
Yes, cops talk about guns quite a bit. When you depend on a piece of equipment
to save your life as much as we do, you tend to become interested in that piece of equipment. I would imagine that there is something in your life that you are interested in and talk about a lot. I would bet that you have a hobby or interest that you like to discuss often. But wait, maybe you don’t. Maybe your hobby is placing yourself above others and passing judgement on them like you do cops.
It always amazes me when I hear from people, such as yourself, who think they know more than they really do. Cops talk about the law ALL DAY-EVERY DAY when they are on duty. The law is what we do. It guides us in how we think. It tells us what we are supposed to do in every situation. It tells us how we are supposed to do our jobs. It is what we represent and it gives us the authority to do what we do.
So if you don’t feel like cops talk about the law enough then I suggest you pull your over-inflated head out of your ass and try to educate yourself a little before making any more ignorant assumptions.

Dear Ask A Cop,
I have been dating an officer in my town for about 3 months. We get along great and he is awesome. The problem is he refuses to talk to me about his work. Whenever I ask him about his job, he changes the subject and will not tell me anything. I don’t understand why he is like this. He is very open with me on everything else and we have great conversations. What is going on?
Jess in Austin

Dear Jess,
I was a cop for 22 years and during that time I saw things, heard things, and experienced things that I hope and pray my wife and children never do. We don’t talk about our jobs because we want to protect our families. Part of doing that is to keep the things we deal with at work away from them. It’s that simple.
Your boyfriend will only start to resent you if you push him to talk about work. You should decide now if that is something you can live with going forward because most of the time it doesn’t change until late in a career, if then.
There are things that I have seen and experienced that I will never tell another soul about. Part of the reason is I don’t want to rehash those memories, and part of it is my desire to keep from my family the knowledge of the evil that is out there.
Later in my career I started opening up to my wife about some of the things that happened at work, but never the bad stuff. That stuff is a burden that is mine to carry alone. Your boyfriend has his burden to carry, just like every officer that pins on a badge, so don’t pry into that box. You will not like what’s inside. I wish you two the best going forward.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Why do cops always shut down the entire highway when there is a little fender-bender in only one lane!? That is so stupid!
Sick of Sitting in Traffic

Dear Sick of Sitting,
Because we don’t like being hit by cars. That shit hurts!

Dear Ask A Cop,
Why is it so hard to get hired as a Police Officer? I have been trying for almost a year now and keep getting denied.

Dear Rejected,
If you keep getting the “Thanks, but no thanks” letter there could be hundreds of reasons (and I am not exaggerating). Getting turned down can mean anything from you didn’t meet the requirements of the department to the Chief was in a pissy mood the day he reviewed your application.
Most departments have a set policy and procedure that is followed with every applicant, and in most large departments that probably happens more often than not. However, in smaller departments, the set policy and procedure is rarely followed to the “T”. An applicant could be excluded from going through the hiring process simply because the Chief didn’t like his handwriting, or some other ridiculous excuse.
If you do not have past drug use, or a conviction on your record, keep applying. I was turned down by 4 different departments before I got a call back.
If you really want to wear a badge then do not ever quit trying. If it’s meant to be it will happen for you. Good Luck.

Dear Ask A Cop,
My cousin was arrested for DWI a couple of days ago, but I know for a fact that he was not drunk. The cop didn’t even let him finish the tests on the side of the road! When he arrested my cousin he said his eyes were jumping off the chart. What the hell does that mean?
This is bullcrap!

Dear Bull Crap,
Your cousin was given the “HGN” or “Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus” task (they are actually called tasks, not tests). When a person drinks alcohol, the eyes of said person will bounce back and forth, depending on the level of alcohol in the system. The higher the level of blood alcohol content the more the eyes show nystagmus. In other words, if the person, let’s say someone’s cousin as an example, was intoxicated to a high degree then his eyes would look like they were “jumping off the chart”.
There is also “VGN”. Vertical Gaze Nystagmus. … A “positive” result on a VGN test could indicate that a person is severely intoxicated from alcohol, or it can be an indicator that a person is under the influence of other drugs such as CNS depressants, inhalants, or Dissociative Anesthetics like PCP.
You cannot control nystagmus, it is a muscular reaction to the alcohol in the blood stream. There are some people who suffer from Nystagmus as a medical condition. You can read about that
As for the Officer not allowing your cousin to finish the roadside tasks, if an Officer deems the level of intoxication in an individual to be so high that it becomes unsafe to keep that person on the side of the roadway, the Officer may cut the tasks short. But not to worry, since you know for a fact that your cousin was not drunk, simply go to court and tell the judge that. I’m sure they will throw the case out. I mean really, a judge should know that you cannot argue with “facts”.

Dear Ask A Cop,
What makes a cop decide to write a ticket or to give a warning when they stop cars? Do they know whether or not they are going to write the driver a ticket before they even talk to the driver or do they make up their minds after talking to the driver? Asking for a friend LOL.
TS in Reno

Dear TS,
Every cop is a little different in how they work traffic and each one has their own “rules” that help them decide who gets a ticket and who gets a warning. There is no “one size fits all” way of working traffic. Most cops have at least one group of people that they don’t write tickets to (but as with anything, there are exceptions). Some Officers will not write an elderly person a ticket. Some won’t write Firefighters tickets, or Preachers, or Lawyers, or Women with Big Boobs.
Most of the time though, the Officer takes several different things into consideration in determining whether or not to issue a citation. The violator’s driving history is a big one. The actual offense committed, and how dangerous it was, is important. Their attitude is another big one. I cannot tell you how many times I was going to simply give the violator a warning to, but they talked themselves into a citation instead.
The best advice I can give is to always be courteous, make the Officer feel at ease by keeping your hands on the steering wheel and not reaching for anything until he/she tells you to. It may not get you out of a citation during that traffic stop, but it just might the next time.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Why do the courts keep letting criminals out of jail when they commit crime after crime?
Lock em up!

Dear Lock em up,
The simple answer……..the system is broken.
The not-so-simple answer…..we just don’t have enough prisons and jails to keep them all locked up where they belong.
Now there are a lot of other things that go into this failure of the justice system;

  • Bleeding heart “hug-a-thug” liberals who blame the crime victims instead of the criminals.
  • The low-life’s have enough money to hire good lawyers who get them light sentences, or none at all.
  • Sorry ass District Attorney’s who only care about numbers. (Every plea deal, no matter how light the sentence, counts as a conviction that the politician can brag about in the next election)
  • And many, many more.

Another huge issue are all these candy-ass, dope-smoking millennials who think it’s okay to commit crimes, just as long as you say you’re sorry when you get caught (we just want peace maaaaan!). The sad part is, it isn’t going to get any better until it gets much, much worse.

Dear Ask A Cop,
I’m thinking about dedicating my life to law enforcement when I graduate. In your opinion, what is the absolute best thing about being a cop?
Much Respect in Florida

Dear Respect,
Before I answer what the absolute best thing is about being a cop, let me tell you a few things that are great about this job.

  1. You never have the exact same day twice.
  2. You don’t get bored very often.
  3. You meet some really interesting people (no sarcasm here).
  4. The knowledge that you are doing something that most people could never do.
  5. Saving lives.
  6. The excitement when all hell breaks lose.
  7. Seeing admiration in the eyes of those that highly respect you.
  8. Not being stuck in an office all day, every day.
  9. The brotherhood.
  10. Driving fast.

But the absolute best thing about pinning that badge on, is that every day you get the opportunity to help someone who cannot help themselves. Good luck to you.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Do you carry your weapon everywhere you go? I know I should, but it’s such a pain sometimes especially if I’m wearing shorts.
AJ in Dallas

Dear AJ,
Yes I carry about 99% of the time. The only reason I don’t say 100% is because every now and then I simply forget to grab it on the way out the door because, well, I’m old as hell. ALWAYS CARRY YOUR WEAPON! Especially in this day and time. Look at it this way…..How will you feel if something happens and one of your family members is hurt or killed and you couldn’t do anything because you didn’t have your weapon on you?

Dear Ask A Cop,
Can you ask a cop to see certification when his radar gun was last calibrated? And if so, does that piss them off?
LG in Mesquite

Dear LG,
You can ask, but you’re not going to get to see anything……..that is, until your court date. A traffic stop is one of the most dangerous things that cops do and we do not want to do anything that will make the situation any more dangerous, such as prolonging the interaction to show the violator the certification documentation, or showing them the radar screen, which opens up a whole other set of risks to the officer and the violator.
However, if you choose to fight the ticket in court, you have every right to see the certification documentation and the officer will be happy to show it to you and the court. As for pissing off the officer, yes it will piss off some of them, and others it will not bother in the least.

Dear Ask A Cop,
I need some yard work done, but it seems lots of times I am referred to a man and he just got out of jail, or when he gets here, he wants all the buildings unlocked, and he asks to get into buildings he has no business in. Do I hire the criminals? Or do I fence the place and get some goats?
Decisions, Decisions

Dear Decisions,
Can’t go wrong with goats.
If the convict is wanting to be in places that he has no business being in…..tell him to get to steppin and make sure he knows you have a shotgun.

Dear Ask A Cop,
Why do law enforcement agencies sometimes shut down a roadway days, or even weeks, after an accident to investigate it again? There was a terrible accident on FM 1388 in Kaufman County last night and the police have the roadway shut down again in the same spot. What exactly are they doing?
Curious in Kemp

Dear Curious,
Unfortunately, if law enforcement must go back out and shut down the scene of an accident it usually means it was a fatality accident, or there is a strong likelihood that it will be.
There are several reasons why a law enforcement agency would go back out and conduct further investigation at the scene:

  • Smaller agencies will often ask DPS to bring their specialty equipment to the scene to reconstruct the accident, create a scale design of the scene, take measurements, better photos, etc. Sometimes DPS is not available until the next day or even the next week to travel to the scene and perform this analysis.
  • Sometimes if the accident took place at night, or during severe weather, Officers will need to go back out and get better photos.
  • Sometimes agencies want to have a specially trained “Accident Re-constructor” get a close look at the location and submit their opinion of certain things.
  • Sometimes it is to look for evidence, that is learned about during the investigation, that was not known about at the time of the accident.


Dear Ask A Cop,
Once and for all….do cops have quotas?
Spill It!

Dear Spill It,
Yes they do, sometimes…………….but NOT in the way you are thinking. Most departments can, and do, require their Officers to meet a quota on the number of “contacts” they must have during a shift. NOT, how many tickets they have to write. I have never known any agency that ordered it’s Officers to write a certain amount of tickets, but most of them do require them to have at least _____ contacts per shift.
A contact can be a traffic stop, a pedestrian contact, getting out and going into a business, or meeting with members of the community. If agencies didn’t do this they would have a bunch of lazy ass cops never doing anything except answering their calls.
And now you know.

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